KJ Apa Is Legit the Cutest, Yes? 11 Times the Riverdale Star Stole Our Hearts

Can you believe he's only 20?!

Actor KJ Apa posing in a button-up shirt on a pink multi-coloured background

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KJ Apa, a.k.a. our beloved Archie Andrews from Riverdale, is so freakin’ adorable. It’s no secret that the actor is best friends IRL with his co-star Cole Sprouse and we live for spotting pics of the besties on social. While we wait for Apa to stop by Toronto on June 18 for the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, here are 11 times the 20-year-old actor was the absolute cutest.

When he performed one of his sweet, sweet melodies on Riverdale

KJ Apa bowing on stage with a guitar around his neck

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When he posted this adorbs throwback pic

Back when the sonnybill haircut was everything.

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When he was cool with being called “Archiekins”

When he acknowledged the glory that is Luke Perry

Pez a true legend. Lucky to have him on this earth

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When he was really, really happy in an interview

KJ Apa laughing during an interview in a white shirt and blazer

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When he and Sprouse put their bromance to the test

When he cuddled with a pup

Missing this boy

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When he got dressed up with the rest of the Riverdale crew

Dream team

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When he and Sprouse fought with pool noodles

KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse play fighting with pool noodles

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When he reminded us to go outdoors

Stop playing Pokemon and go for a trek

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When he wished BFF Sprouse a happy birthday #truelove

Happy b day broski!

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We love you, KJ!

A GIF of KJ Apa waving to on camera

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