People Are NOT Loving Kim Kardashian West's Latest Nude Pics

The pic has people seeing stars

Kim Kardashian West has once again managed to climb her way back into the headlines—this time, somewhat literally.

Fresh from her Jackie-O inspired photo spread for Interview Magazine, the reality star recently posted a pic from a photoshoot that was slightly less PC (and required far less clothing). The black and white and nearly nude-all-over pic shows Kardashian West perched in a tree wearing nothing but boots and a wistful look into the future—as if to say, “I can already see how people are going to react to this, my bush tree and me are ready.”

“Night Bird,” was shot by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for their self-titled book and posted to IG by Kardashian West ahead of the book’s September 7 release.

The photo itself feels very Jack and Rose from Titanic, as if Kardashian West looked at the photographer and stated, “I want you to photograph me wearing these combat boots… and only these combat boots.”

Kardashian West stripping down and attempting to #breaktheinternet is nothing new. In fact, this pic is basically like an upgraded version of her infamous naked bathroom selfie, just with way way worse timing. With Texas still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma barreling towards Florida and the Caribbean (plus the low-key risk of nuclear war), some social media users felt that the pic was tone deaf to say the least.

Kardashian West has since deleted the photo on Twitter, but it remains posted on her IG and has earned her 1.2 million likes and climbing (Sorry, we had to, that was low hanging fruit). What a time to be alive.


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