Did Kim Kardashian Just Shade Everyone's Fave Snapchat Filter?

Kim K. just threw low-key shade at the beloved puppy filter on Snapchat so you might as well consider it over

kim kardashian snapchat puppy filter. Kim Kardashian snapchat: the star just threw serious low-key shade at the doggy filter on Snapchat making us wonder if the cute filter is suddenly out of fashion.

This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill. The Snapchat puppy filter died last night at 10:46 p.m. EST. Cause of death: Kim Kardashian shade.

Allow me to explain. Just a few short weeks after her rabidly anticipated to return to social media, Kim deployed a brand of shade best utilized by Mariah Carey (you know, the kind that makes you wonder if you just got the best compliment or worst insult of your life) with this seemingly innocent sentence: “I honestly can’t believe this filter still exists.” It is, of course, a befuddling riddle made so by her utter and complete lack of emotion. She spoke this in a soft monotone while using said filter and pouting—lip ring and all—into the camera. Not a smile, or a frown, in sight. We, of course, were left with more questions than answers. Did she mean that sarcastically? Was she in joyful disbelief that the filter was still there or was her incredulousness born of boredom with the most basic of filters? Did she emphasize “honestly” or “this”? And most importantly, IS THE PUPPY FILTER OFFICIALLY OVER?

Sure, like florals for spring, using the dog filter to look cute on Snapchat is by no means groundbreaking. And people often comment that “they totally know it’s basic” while sticking out their tongues and making like adorable cartoon puppies. But the kween of social media just planted a festering seed of doubt about its coolness that could very well send the puppy filter to its tiny coffin.

You might be telling yourself, “Who cares what Kim thinks? I love the dog filter and I’ll never stop using it!” but before long, you’ll be wondering if you look just a liiiiiiiittle passé in those floppy ears and goofy tongue. Like how you’ve slowly warmed to tearaway track pants and lucite heels, her tastes just… seep in. (Remember when you scoffed at all those dreadful ’90s chokers the Kardashian-Jenners were wearing before one day you woke up, as if from a trance, standing at the register of H&M/Zara/Forever 21 waiting to purchase a pile of glorified black ribbons? I know I do.) Are you suddenly digging through boxes of holdovers from your freshman year looking for the Champion pants you wore to class/the gym/bed? It’s okay to admit it, this is a safe space.

RIP, puppy filter. You were v. kute while you lasted.

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