Kim K Showed Us How Her Sinks Work, But We Still Have Questions

Like... where's the toilet?

Following Kim Kardashian’s 73 Questions vid for Vogue, people had, well, more questions about her very beige, very empty, very large home, many of them focused on her bathroom sinks. Created by Kanye and Axel Vervoordt, the designer behind the rest of the house (and other houses belonging to celebs like Robert De Niro, Bill Gates, Sting and Calvin Klein), the sinks caught the internet’s attention because they appear to have no drain, just a faucet, and a flat, stone surface that the water would presumably run right off.

Everyone was confused, but luckily KKW didn’t leave us hanging. Late on the evening of April 17, Kim delivered a response via Instagram. What a time to be alive, right?

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bathroom tour!

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OK, so now we know the sinks actually function. In spite of that important information, this explanatory video still left us confused about a bunch of other stuff. Read on for the questions we’re hoping Kim can answer for us tonight on Insta.

Eight prototypes?!

We’ve never designed and executed the construction of a sink before, so we truly have no clue if eight drafts is normal or not. But, we’re gonna bet that “Let’s go back to the drawing board” is something Kanye says a lot, and probs with fewer, less polite words.

Do the Wests legit use those sinks to wash their faces and brush their teeth?

Love that tidbit from Kim about the lack of a backsplash. But do we still believe that the all five of the Wests use those sinks for normal, bathroom stuff? Seems more likely that the only thing happening at them is dainty hand washing.

Where’s all their stuff?

This is a question that applies to the entire house, really. But for this room in particular, are we to believe that those cement-looking drawers house all the things they need? Where are the towels? Where are the bath toys? Where is the KKW Body?! It has the EXACT same aesthetic as this space, so that seems like a missed decor opportunity, tbh.

Where are the outlets?

Don’t know about you, but routines that happen in our bathrooms typically involve stuff that plugs in, like hairdryers, flat irons and electric shavers. Maybe there’s a separate “grooming room” for such things, though—perhaps a private salon Jen Atkin is contractually obligated to be in every morning?

Can we please see more of that giant shower?

For starters, it’s imperative that we know what kind of extras the Wests installed in that bad boy. If the whole ceiling doesn’t just, like, rain spring water brought in from the Alps, or it doesn’t have the capacity to turn into a eucalyptus steam room, we’ll be seriously disappointed.

Who is in charge of all that greenery?

Considering the lack of stuff on the inside, that’s a lot of stuff outside. It’s so lush and green, there has to be at least one person devoted to caring for it. And can’t you just picture that person, in the middle of pruning, scrambling to get out of sight when they see someone coming into the bathroom? It’s either the worst or the best job we’ve ever heard of/invented.

Last, but not least: where’s the toilet?!

No, but really.


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