Kim Kardashian West Wants Her Third Baby (a Girl!) Delivered By Stork

“Since I don’t have the belly, [this pregnancy] is a different experience”

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kim kardashian next to ellen degeneres
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Ummm, 99-percent sure this is the best interview Kim Kardashian West has ever given. The usually serious and notoriously private middle child of what is oft considered the American royal family sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday night to talk about literally everything. The pals covered how Kim’s fame prevents her from being able to do normal stuff, like grocery shopping, and the struggle that is baby-naming. Kim even shared the gender of baby number three—it’s a girl!

We’ve never heard Kim talk so much, and, plot twist: she’s funny?!

The interview opened with Ellen crowning Kim the unofficial most famous person in the world, and we’re pretty sure that’s totally factual (Kim couldn’t name one time in recent history when she went unrecognized). While fame sounds pretty fab, Kim shared her birthday wish and it was legit unexpected. She wants someone to rent out a grocery store for an hour for her so she can have her “kid in the cart and go through the aisles,” and TBH, we’re kind of touched by how sweet this is. It would get frustrating not to be able to jet into Shoppers anytime you need something.

Keeping up the truth-bomb-esque vibe of this chat, Kim thoughtfully explained how hard it is to discuss surrogacy with her babes, North and Saint. “I don’t know if my son gets it yet, especially since I don’t have the belly, it is a different experience,” said Kim. “I said to my sisters, Would it be really creepy if I had someone dress up like a big stork and drop the baby off at the front door?” LOL, we would watch that episode of KUWTK 1,000 times in a row.

Ellen replied, “Yeah, you’re gonna mess him up really bad. Don’t do that.” Who do we need to contact to arrange a lunch with Kim and Ellen? These two are flippin’ jokes when they hang out.

Kim also shared a bit about her baby shower, which took place this past weekend, and how she thought it was important for North to know “something is coming.” In the process, she let it slip that North calls the baby-on-the-way “Baby Sister.” D’AW.

As any good interviewer would, Ellen took advantage of having Kim in the hot seat to ask the question on everyone’s minds: which, if any, of the KardashianJenner sisters are truly preggo? “Okay, I’m gonna break it down. This is how we work in the family,” Kim said.” When there are lots of rumours, we have these family group chats and we threaten each others’ lives if we speak for the other one.”

Plus, as if you needed a reason to buy KKW’s new fragrance, Ellen fricken loves it *and* the bottle doubles as a healing crystal. (#Here #For #It)

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