Curious About How Much $$$ People Spent on Flowers for Kim K & Baby Chi? We Did a Price Check

“The Kardashians don’t mess around,” says florist Gloria Henry

Kim Kardashian posing in a black top
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What do you get a millionaire mom who has everything? We’ve been keeping up with Kim Kardashian West’s Insta, and it turns out, the answer is really expensive flowers.

The arrival of Kim and Kayne West’s girl Chicago is the baby news we all needed in 2018, and those close to kouple are super stoked, too. Because no one loves extravagance like the Kardashians, friends and family of the mom-of-three showed their love for the new babe with truly gigantic flower arrangements (seriously, when we say gigantic we mean it).

Since we are super nosy curious, we tracked down Vancouver-based florist Gloria Henry to find out *exactly* what type of flowers are flowing into Kim’s house RN, and how much they cost. Here, some of our fave arrangements that Kim’s shared on social media and their pricey price tags. (Trust, it ain’t cheap to cop her style.)

Kim Kardashian is gifted with 240 blush roses.

What’s the arrangement?

These gorgeous roses are from New York flower company Venus ET Fleur, which specializes in boxed roses. According to its website, Kim received eternity roses. The company describes them as roses that are “treated with [its] proprietary solution and colour pigmentation process” so they can last up to a year in perfect state. Did you get that?! THEY CAN LAST UP TO A YEAR!!!!

How much did it cost?

This Grandiose Eternity Arrangement retails on Venus ET Fleur’s website for a whopping $1,799 USD.

Blush-coloured roses in the shape of a heart gifted to Kim Kardashian.
(Photo: Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat Story)

What’s the arragement?

This beautiful piece of floral art was gifted to Kim by her lil’ sister and new mom herself Kylie Jenner. According to Henry of Vancouver’s Flower Factory, these roses are larger-head import roses.

How much did it cost?

“This one is a little more complicated because someone had to make this,” says Henry. “I would price it between $500 to $1,000.”

Three vases hold purple and pink flowers that were given to Kim Kardashian.

What’s the arrangement?

This whimsical trio was gifted to Kim by cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian, who is a Kardashian family friend (and probably the magician who helps them maintain their flawless complexions). Henry says it’s a mix of calla lilies, pink roses and cymbidium orchids.

How much did it cost?

“I would say at least $500, up to $800,” says florist Henry. If Dr. Ourian needs any more friends he can hit us up. Just sayin’.

Bunches of roses and assorted flowers that were gifted to Kim Kardashian.

What’s the arrangement?

Henry says that the bundles of flowers in front are called quicksand roses, with the large fluffy arrangement in the back are an O’Hara garden rose arrangement.

How much did it cost?

This one’s a doozy. According to Henry, the smaller bundles could go for $200 to $300 PER BUNDLE. Think that’s nuts? Apparently the garden roses are a super big deal in the flower industry because Henry is pricing the larger arrangement at $1,000. “Normally what people do is they put a little filler in [the arrangements] to cut down cost,” Henry said. “The Kardashians don’t mess around.” No, no they do not. Henry says she would price all of the roses pictured above at approximately $2,000.

A flower arrangement gifted to Kim Kardashian that has roses, orchids and pampa grass.

What’s the arrangement?

This huge mass of extravagance was gifted by celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan, who is responsible for the Kardashian’s insanely perfect brand of glam (seriously have you seen Khlo’s Insta?) According to Henry, the fluffy stuff is called pampas grass. As for the flowers, this arrangement is full of cymbidium orchids and pink roses.

How much did it cost?

“I would price this at about $1,000,” says Henry.

Total cost of these flower arrangements?

If we added up the prices of all these flowers, they would cost approximately $6,600. Keep in mind, we’ve only selected a few arrangements out of the growing collection, so the actual value of Kim’s flowers is probs MUCH higher. In other words, baby Chi’s flowers cost more than your 2012 Honda Civic. Ah, to be a Kardashian.


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