A Reminder: Even Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Are Entitled to Privacy

Let's all just agree to not Keep Up with this one, okay?

Khloe Kardashian

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Chances are, you have an opinion on Khloé Kardashian’s current… situation. And by situation, we mean staying (or at least maintaining some sort of relationship) with a man who cheated on her multiple times while she was pregnant with their child. We get it (and we’re guilty of it too): Tristan Thompson is easy to hate, Khloé is famous for being famous and well, the whole thing is just so juicy and judge-able and ripe for sweeping condemnations like “She calls herself a feminist and yet she’s going back to someone who treats her like that?” The Khloé-Tristan drama is serving up Days of Our Lives, Dynasty and General Hospital vibes… but here’s the thing: This isn’t a soap opera, nor even reality TV. It’s two (actually three, if you count two-month-old True) real people, living real, messy lives that are just as grey and complicated as ours. And it’s something Khloé would like us all to remember, please.

The following exchange, which went down on Twitter last night, is being billed many places as Khloé “breaking her silence,” which it isn’t really. If anything, it’s putting a very firm underline under her whole “no comment” approach to her personal life right now.



So yes, she does confirm that she and Thompson are trying to work out some kind of “co-existence,” but she’s not apologizing for it. Instead, she’s actually proud of herself for however she’s handling the situation (and again, we don’t know what that looks like nor is it relevant). It’s never as simple as just casting the father of your child out into deepest darkness, however appealing that narrative might be to the peanut gallery. It’s not hypocritical, Kardashian is saying… it’s just real life. And real life is not black-and-white, lines-in-the-sand, “I Will Survive” moral absolutes. She’s vague on the exact nature of the “rebuilding” (and whether “our household” means they’re together as a couple) but she is clear on one thing: What it is is nobody’s business.

And, surprise! She’s actually entitled to that privacy. Yes, she made her millions sharing her life with the world, but she never signed up to share every detail, and she certainly never signed up to give a play-by-play on the most painful chapter of her life to complete strangers just because they follow her on Twitter. There actually are take-backs allowed when it comes to sharing your life on the internet. The Kardashians, and any other celebrity or public figure, for that matter, don’t “owe” anyone anything. The Queen of Persia’s logic—that she should do better because she’s a “role model”—says more about our deeply-flawed adulation of celebrities than it does about Khloé’s feminist credentials. Also: We are all about women having choices for how they live their lives, and sometimes, those choices are difficult ones… like choosing to put in the work to establish a civil co-parenting relationship for the benefit of your child. Maybe that choice is for Khloé to go out to dinner with her child’s father over the weekend, or to wear a giant diamond he gave her. (Or maybe it’s to wear a giant diamond that she gave herself as a little treat for weathering tough times… and also the first two months of motherhood.)

Allowing Khloé her privacy, BTW, does not mean denying her the right to correct the record when she feels like she needs to. That’s why she responded to the tweet above… and why she is completely entitled to clap back when the Daily Mail does basically anything, but especially when they describe her dinner out with Tristan this week as “tense.”

But again, even if it was tense… well, they’re entitled to do that in peace and private too.


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