WTF? Lamar Odom Says He Wants Khloé Kardashian Back

But we're not here for it

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom posing on a red carpet

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We could write literal volumes about the ickiness of grand romantic gestures—and in fact, many people have. In a nutshell: A public declaration of love is mostly likely super problematic. Just look at the latest news coming out of Kamp Kardashian… which, btw, doesn’t actually stem from someone inside the family (anymore!).

Keeping Up with the Kardashian fans—not to mention anyone who follows pop culture—will remember Lamar Odom as Khloé Kardashian’s first husband. They met and married quickly, but their wedded bliss ended in infidelity, drug  and sex addiction and a fiery divorce that was finalized in 2016.

Fast forward to just yesterday, when Odom sat down for an interview on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show to discuss his upcoming memoir, Darkness to Light, which details his past issues, his time as an NBA player and his marriage to Khloé. When asked if his ex-wife was the love of his life, the former LA Laker quickly said, “Yeah.” And when pressed further about whether there’s a chance at reconciliation, the NBA champ said, “I hope. I wake up hoping that, but you probably would have to ask her.”

So. Here’s the thing. We applaud Odom for being forthcoming about his mental health and addiction issues (the almost 40-year-old was hospitalized after an overdose in 2015), and even his vulnerability when talking about how he wished he could have been “more of a man” when he and Khloé were married. But we take pause with the forum he is using to express his feelings. Pouring his heart out on a radio show feels kinda… well, performative, which immediately makes his comments seem less genuine.

Add to that the fact that Odom’s message comes at a time when Kardashian is dealing with another messy break-up, this time with the father of her daughter, True—something that comes with a lot of trauma and baggage—and it’s hard not to feel like Odom’s comments are about him more than they are about his and Khloé’s relationship.

For a long time, grand romantic gestures were seen as just that: romantic. But the moment someone uses this type of gesture to take away shine or spotlight from their partner, we have a problem, whether they realize they are doing it or not. Case in point, the man who proposed to his girlfriend while she was attempting to complete her first marathon. Said woman had worked extremely hard to get race-ready, and while she was completing arguably the most physically demanding feat of her life, he sidelined her so HE could propose—taking minutes off her final race time in the process. Ugh, really?

And then there was Offset’s on-stage apology to Cardi B last December, when she was the first female ever to be headlining Rolling Loud festival. Odom’s comments aren’t as bad that, but there is a similarity between the two situations: the person who the gesture is meant for has no way to actually say no or voice their opinion without coming off as looking harsh.

Has Lamar actually talked to his ex? According to him, Khloé sent him a friendly text after the announcement of his book. That sounds lovely and amicable, but if he truly wants to win her back, he should start having conversations with her, and only her. And if she’s not down to have those talks, well then, he needs to respect those boundaries.

We do have a soft spot for Odom—the guy has been through a lot and is coming out the other end, we hope—but honestly? This just seems like a ploy to sell more books. Consider the comments he made to Us Weekly in a just-released interview. Revealing that he’ll “‘always’ have love for Khloé”? Or saying, “it’s too bad [Tristan Thompson] had to hurt my lady like that, that woman like that, it’s too bad”? Those are strong words about a relationship that faltered in 2013. Really dude, you’re not doing yourself any favours. In fact, men of the world, please take note: this is an excellent example of what not to do. Sincerely, all of us.


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