Khloé Kardashian Has Already Mapped Out Her Two-Month-Old Daughter's Entire Life

No pressure, baby True

Mommy’s Little Love

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Just two months after Khloé Kardashian and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Tristan Thompson welcomed True into this world, the new mom has already planned out the baby’s entire future with the help of astrologer-to-the-stars Susan Miller.

Kardashian posted to her website and app on June 11, sharing the meaning behind True’s birth chart—defined on the site as “a map to your personality based on the time and place of your birth” which “takes into account where all the planets were at the exact moment of your birth.” Astrology Zone’s Miller interpreted said chart to make predictions about True’s personality traits, her probable career path and even how she’ll meet her future partner.

According to Miller, True is an “extremely creative and an independent thinker, but is a bit rebellious.” Miller goes on to say True won’t act without good reason, and she prefers to think outside the box.” She’ll be ahead of the curve on most social issues and she feels deeply,” Miller continued. “She’s compassionate and philanthropic. If she can do something for charity, she will.” (Quick reminder: True is approximately 60 days old, so we can’t really confirm whether she’s all that into giving back, but we’ll keep you posted.)

Baby True

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Career-wise, True could go in *literally* any direction because she’s just that damned talented, according to Miller. “She is very musically inclined and needs to learn a musical instrument ASAP—or she might be more interested in ballet.” True is also supposedly good at research, she’s a strong businesswoman, she’s a fab writer and she might even be interested in acting. Did you LOL at the thought of a teeny tiny baby dressed as a businesswoman playing a saxophone? Because same.

Regarding her love life, “she’ll likely marry someone in entertainment or politics, and they’ll have a forever-after fairytale romance.” As the heiress to the throne of what’s been called American royalty, this one actually seems likely. “She’ll grow up being close with both of her parents. However, she has a desire to travel and will probably move away from where she grows up, potentially for college,” Miller says. Anybody else feel like the idea of baby True not living with her parents for her entire life and maybe moving away for school isn’t exactly earthshattering? Just me? K cool.

It is important to note that True has been on the planet slightly longer than a free trial for Amazon Prime. Based on her mom’s Instagram posts, this baby girl’s main interests thus far are sleeping and sneezing. So while Miller’s life plan seem plausible, it’s clearly too early to tell whether these predictions really are True.


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