Kendall Jenner Slams Caitlyn's Memoir: "A Lot of It Is So Not True"

Kendall is *not* here for Caitlyn bashing the Kardashians

Kendall on Caitlyn's memoir: Kendall opens up about her frustrations on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

(Photo: E!)

On the June 4 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner gets real heated (for good reason) about Caitlyn Jenner’s shade-filled memoir, The Secrets of My Life, in which she claims former spouse Kris Jenner knew about her gender identity long before she transitioned in 2015.

In a sneak preview of Sunday’s ep on Us Weekly, Kendall tells momager Kris that she doesn’t think anything in the book is “purposeful lying” but that some of Caitlyn’s claims are false nonetheless. “I think she really just thinks that’s what happened for some weird reason,” Kendall says.

Kris totally agrees and expresses that she would have had WAY more respect for Caitlyn, and the book, if she just kept it to talking about her journey. “It could have been handled in the most amazing, loving way,” she says. And then goes on to explain how this is going to affect the entire family (even Kendall’s future kids): “There’s lies that are printed in a book that lives there for the end of time. So, your children are going to read this book about their grandparent and have a story that’s fabricated. That’s in print, and is a fabrication.”

But the thing that gets Kendall really fired up is the fact that Caitlyn throws some serious shade at the Kardashian krew: “She goes around dissing the Kardashians, but it’s like, those are the children that you raised. If you have a problem with them, you raised them,” she says. “It makes no sense to me that she would go around bashing us for no reason. It’s insane, mom. That’s insane!”

Needless to say, cancel whatever plans you have this Sunday night because you defs won’t want to miss this one.

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