Things You Can Buy With Kendall Jenner's INSANE Paycheck

It's all about the Benjamins, baby

Model Kendall Jenner posing with a D award

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Supermodel/reality star/Kardashian spawn Kendall Jenner is having a real good year.

On Tuesday, Forbes revealed that the 22-year-old is the highest-paid model of the year, earning a cool US$22 million. Jenner beat out 37-year-old megastar Gisele Bündchen (No. 2 at US$17.5 million), who has dominated the list since 2002. Other cash mamas include Chrissy Teigen at No. 3, earning US$13.5 million, and the Hadid sisters, Gigi and Bella, earning US$9.5 million and US$6 million, respectively. Pays to be pretty, amirite?

So what one do with $22 mill you ask? We figured Jenner is probs asking the same thing RN, so we decided to offer some super legit financial advice. Here, all the things one can buy with that type of cash.

A private island in the Caribbean

(Photo: Private Islands Inc.)

A private island in the Caribbean 

For US$22 million, this sweet lil’ island named Ile De Caille can be yours. Just off the tip of Grenada, the private piece of heaven is “covered in lush green vegetation and enjoys a tropical climate.” There are also four “uninhabited” houses on the land—as well as an airstrip—meaning the entire Kardashian fam can fly in-and-out with ease. It’s a steal, IMO.

Everything off of this Goop gift list

Gwyneth Paltrow ain’t cheap when it comes to gifts! FLARE recently gathered her *lifestyle* company’s most extra items for an over-the-top gift guide, and well, their price tags don’t look too bad when you got millions. Jenner can defo afford everything off this list for every member of her entire family and still have mad money in the bank. Now that’s a lifestyle.

A white Birkin bag

(Photo: Christie’s)

58 of the world’s most expensive Birkin bag 

Any It-girl knows a Hermés Birkin bag is the ultimate accessory. Earlier this year, a white crocodile Birkin sold for US$379,261 at Christie’s Hong Kong, making it the most expensive handbag IN DA WORLD. That’s pocket change for Jenner, so with her earnings, she can buy 58 of those bad boys this year alone.

Front-row seats to Hamilton

Those are expensive, right?

Jacob & Co.'s "billionaire" watch

(Photo: Jacob & Co.)

A “Billionaire” watch

Wear your heart on your sleeve (and your money on your wrist), Kenny! This super cas’ white gold and diamond Jacob and Co. watch sells for a reasonable US$18 million. Called “The Billionaire,” (which is factually inaccurate since it only sells for millions, but anyway…) the watch boasts 260 carats of diamonds and totally goes with any outfit. It’s perfect for a millionaire aspiring to be a billionaire.

The seven most expensive cars 

According to Sports Illustrated‘s list (they’re a legit news source, guys), Jenner can afford to buy seven out of the 10 most costly cars in the world. She would have to hold off on number eight, nine and 10, as numbers one through seven would cost her around US$21.8 million, collectively. But don’t worry, she can purchase the others next year.


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