Wait, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Back Together? And Why Did They Meet the Pope?

To answer your first question: yes

Katy Perry, wearing a white dress and large hat, walks down a road with her rumoured boyfriend Orlando Bloom, wearing a suit and sunglasses.

(Photo: Splash News)

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met Pope Francis in Rome last weekend, and we immediately had thoughts—aside from, hmmm, didn’t realize these two were back together.

As it turns out the (definitely back together) pair was in town for United to Cure: a three-day global conference held at Vatican City that brings together world leaders to discuss the future of medicine. Pope Francis was a speaker; as was Perry—who and shared her experience with Transcendental Meditation (TM). According to Newsweek, Perry spoke about the benefits of TM over taking prescription anxiety meds, which she said that she used in the past to treat her anxiety.

“It has helped a lot with my anxiety. Instead of having to turn to prescription [drugs] I’ve been able to turn to this,” she said. “It helps incredibly with jet lag, and we did it this morning at seven o’clock—and for the Italians it helps with the hangovers,” she jokingly added.

The “California Gurls” singer went on to talk about how meditation has helped her to slow her mind and live in the moment. “I find personally with my own experience meditation is the key to really finding your true authentic self, finding that stillness, recharging, having the strength, the mental strength, the physical strength, the immune strength to be able to take on this big technological world,” she said.

Bloom accompanied Perry to the conference, and also met the Pope alongside her. In Perry’s Instagram Stories, she is clearly heard referring to the Lord of the Rings star as her “darling,” so it’s pretty safe to assume they’re back together.


Talk about a blessed day!

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