Katharine McPhee

Flare.com chats with the singer about her self-titled debut album and her personal style

Style setter: Katharine McPhee


Flare.com chatted with the singer about her self-titled debut album and her personal style

Flare:  How would you describe your style?
Katharine McPhee:

F:  What advice would you give others when it comes to defining their style?
KM: I would say find somebody whose style you admire and take inspiration from them. I always look through magazines, at actors and singers to find inspiration.

F: Who are some of your style idols?
KM: I love the way Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen dress. They’re very young, fresh and pretty. I also love Gwen Stefani – she’s so original and always reinventing herself. 

F: What is your favourite item right now?
KM: My Mike & Chris navy blue leather jacket.

F:  Who is your favourite designer right now?
KM:I don’t think I’m experienced enough to answer that – I’m still learning! I love Stella McCartney, though. And Vivienne Westwood is really funky and cool.

F:  What is your fashion pet peeve?
KM: Mismatched clothing. Especially when people are wearing bright colours – it always drives me nuts.  

F: What are you listening to now?
KM: I’m listening a lot to my record – not to be narcissistic, but I’m getting prepared for songs I’m going to be singing live.

F:  What do you do in your downtime?
KM:I just got my own little place, so I like to cook food for my friends. Other than that, I like to play with my dog, go bowling… I’m kind of a dork!


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