16 Things You Probs Didn't Know About Supermodel Kaia Gerber

Cindy Crawford's 16-year-old daughter obvi won the genetic lottery, but she's also #JustLikeUs when you peep her Instagram

Being the offspring of Cindy freaking Crawford—one of the original supermodels—surely has its perks for an aspiring model, but her teenage daughter Kaia Gerber is killing it in the fashion industry all on her own. From magazine covers to fragrance endorsements, this girl is seriously on fuegs. She also just wrapped SS18 fashion month in which she walked in approx. one million shows. And—excuse us—she just turned 16 in September.

Here, 16 Kaia Gerber facts you probs didn’t know about the model-of-the-moment (other than the fact that she’s genetically blessed and is clearly rubbing it in our faces).

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