Justin Timberlake Returns To Music ... And Jessica Biel?

Justin buys stake in MySpace and is spotted with Jessica Biel in Toronto

Photo by Keystone Press

Justin Timberlake is finally returning to what he does best: music! But don’t get too excited–he’s not returning to the studio. The singer-turned-wannabe-thespian bought a minority stake in MySpace (the social media site known for its music profile pages) and is now its part owner and “creative force.”

JT’s manager, Johnny Wright, says Timberlake has a ton of ideas about how to make MySpace relevant again, including possibly creating a MySpace talent competition. No details on what this talent competition will be like, but seeing as the world is not exactly starved for talent competitions at the moment, JT better have a pretty good idea if he wants to save the site.

In other Timberlake news, it looks like he also returned to his former flame, Jessica Biel. Justin was spotted in Toronto over the long weekend where Biel is filming Total Recall. The apparent exes were reportedly seen having dinner together at The Good Egg in Kensington Market. @GoodEggChick tweeted the news saying, “Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and tacos. An example of the Oxford comma, also, what was at the next table tonight.” (The mysterious tweet has since been removed.)

Maybe the two are rekindling their romance or maybe they’re just Friends With Benefits? Whatever they are, it sure makes for good gossip and conveniently right before a certain movie opens.

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