There's a Lawsuit Involving a Woman Who Allegedly Peeped Justin Bieber's Medical Records

Justin Bieber's testicles made headlines after he self-diagnosed a soccer injury. Now there's a lawsuit related to his medical visit

Singer Justin Bieber looking pensive in a black hoodie

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Who among us hasn’t felt a slight twinge of pain and immediately googled our symptoms? Apparently even Justin Bieber falls into the WebMD trap. Back in May, the Canadian pop sensation got hit in the groin by a soccer ball. Ouch. Then he looked up his symptoms via Dr. Google, and a self-diagnosis eventually led him to visit the ER at a Long Island, NY hospital, where he expressed fears that he was suffering from testicular torsion, a condition wherein a testicle twists or rotates on itself and cuts off its blood supply. It’s v. painful and serious; upon diagnosis, it often requires immediate surgery.

What’s making headlines, however, is not Bieber’s medical concerns, but rather a nurse named Kelly Lombardo who allegedly peeked at Biebs’ confidential medical documents, spurred on by a rumour that the singer was actually at the hospital to treat an STD. Lombardo was fired for the privacy breach, and now she’s suing her former employer for wrongful termination. She claims she never accessed his file in the first place.

To add insult to an *actual* injury, some folks are now making light of the situation because of the particular part of Bieber’s body that is at the root of all this. As it turned out, Bieber didn’t have testicular torsion—and nor was there ever any complaint of an STD to begin with, either.

Lost in this entire story is one point that many people seem to be missing: the fact that STD shaming is a hard no. And looking at anyone’s private medical records, without authorization, expressly to verify said rumours is downright shameful.

That said, Lombardo’s attorney alleges that she is also the victim here, telling People that she was accused of peeping Bieber’s records because she is “a young female.” So clearly, like testicular torsion itself, this is a bit of a twisty story. But we’re sincerely happy that the Biebs is OK, and we hope that the true story regarding Lombardo’s dismissal eventually comes to light in court.

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