We Talked to a Toronto Woman Who Was Also Duped by the Justin Bieber Lookalike

"It's pretty embarrassing how you behave when you think you're dancing with Justin Bieber"

Is it too late now to say sorry… for falling for this? Last week the world was *horrified* when a photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito hit the internet. The image in question—which was first posted to Reddit—featured the Canadian crooner sitting  solo on a park bench attacking his burrito from the middle, corn on the cob-style, and it was a lot to process.

As is to be expected, the internet (and celebs like Chrissy Teigen) had some *thoughts.* Many were straight-up concerned for the Biebs, while some attributed it to the singer’s trendsetting ways.

Others chalked it up to being a charming quirk of the Great White North, with Twitter user @jpvaldes tweeting: “He got it from Teen Wolf. Michael J Fox also Canadian – maybe it’s a Canada thing?,” alongside a photo of Fox biting into a beer can on the hit TV show. (FYI, it’s not. We *know* how to eat burritos, thank you very much).

If you too were gasping at this un-belieb-able photo, fear not. As of October 28, just four days after the photo went viral, popular YouTube channel Yes Theory—best known for going bungee jumping with Will Smith in the Grand Canyon—revealed that the whole thing was fake, with the group having flown out a Bieber lookalike named Brad Sousa to complete the prank. And people were shook.

Over the top? Yes. Hilarious? Ish. Embarrassing for us all? Definitely.

But, before you cover your head in shame, it’s important this isn’t the first time that Sousa—who, by the way, is also Canadian—has duped unsuspecting Bieber fans.

Toronto resident Nikki met Sousa in March 2017 when she was celebrating her boyfriend’s 24th birthday—running into him at a Toronto hotel. “We went to the elevator and “Justin Bieber” was standing there with his friends,” she laughs. “He was in an all-denim outfit, so he looked very silly and like what Justin Bieber would wear,” she says. With his matching platinum tresses (Bieber’s ever-changing locks were platinum at the time) Nikki and her friends had no doubt it was the pop star. “And then [my boyfriend] said, ‘that’s Justin Bieber,'” to which Sousa replied “What’s up?,” she says. “Then we got in the elevator and I immediately freaked out and texted all my friends to get there.”

Once her friends did arrive, Nikki says several of them ran into the man whom they thought was Bieber, and he invited them to join him in the VIP section of a club that night. “There was a huge line, we went up to the front and told the bouncers that we were here for “Bobby,” and they took us in, we went to the VIP section and went to a booth there where JBiebs and his friends were hanging out,” she says. “It’s pretty embarrassing how you behave when you think you’re dancing with Justin Bieber, we all just sort of forgot about our boyfriends.” For his part, Nikki says Sousa gave off *very* VIP vibes, standing at the back of the booth, not interacting with people, while his friends guarded the table. “It really seemed like he was Justin Bieber, because he was hard to get to,” she says.

After leaving the club, the jig was up when Nikki received a text from a friend at 4 a.m. saying they *hadn’t* just partied with the “Sorry” crooner. “She said he didn’t have the same tattoos as [Bieber], so she went up and asked what his name was… and he said Brad.”

Nikki says it was pretty obvious Sousa knew they thought he was the singer. “It was pretty embarrassing to find out that we made a fool of ourselves for some random guy from Guelph, but also embarrassing because who knew that we would act like that for Justin Bieber?” she says.

(Photo: Nikki)

“I’m not even a fan of Justin Bieber, and I was following him to a club—there was no way we weren’t going to go,” she laughs.

And what does she think of Sousa’s viral infamy? “I just think it’s kind of weird that he’s getting a following over that, it just seems like a waste of time.”

And if Sousa flying across North America to take chase viral fame doesn’t convince you that he’s aware of the similarity, Sousa himself has commented on it on his own YouTube page (can’t fault a hustler, TBH). “A lot of people have always said I look like Justin Bieber,” he said in a December 2017 video. “Always, always whenever I’m out I get the stare, people think I’m him.”

As for the IRL Biebs, who stayed mum on the whole sitch? He’s just wishing everyone an amazing (probably burrito-filled) day.


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