Marriage Has Not Made Justin Bieber Clean up His Act

The Biebs' bedroom is seriously unsettling

Justin Bieber house messy: Justin Bieber smiles and looks off camera. He is wearing a bright yellow hoodies with a blue text bubble that has the word DREW in pink in it, and a fuschia beanie with a smiley face on the front. His hood is pulled over his head and he stands with his hands on his hips

(Photo: Getty Images)

A new decade is almost upon us, and if there’s one person I’m hoping will make a New Year’s resolution and stick to it, it’s Justin Bieber. Because it’s quite obvious from the singer’s latest Instagram posts that New Years past have certainly not meant a new Biebs when it comes to the cleanliness department. Because, folks, Justin Bieber’s house is messy—or, more specifically, his bedroom is.

On November 30, the Biebs posted a super-sweet date-night photo to Instagram. “Watching the prince of Egypt with my wife such nostalgia,” the “Baby” singer wrote alongside a photo of a TV screen playing a heart-wrenching scene from the seminal ’90s film The Prince of Egypt.

And while I am all here for an adorbs date night, I seriously could not focus on anything besides how disorganized their bedroom is. (Also, that grammar. Sir, we’ve talked about this.)

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The scattered papers, the crowded clothing rack and steamer, the single bottle of supplements just hanging out in front of the menu, the discarded…napkin? It may not look like a lot, but as someone who meticulously organizes my space uniformly, I can’t help but cringe when I look at this image. (And I also get some serious flashbacks to Bieber’s infamous bathroom selfie.) Seriously, someone put that stand-alone steamer in a closet; it’s giving me chills.

Now, we should give the Biebers some credit and note that this photo is *most* likely from the couple’s recent Thanksgiving-weekend trip to Miami (hence the hotel menu), but, TBQH, it’s a small glimpse of a larger problem. Because the Biebers’ home bedroom has been *just* as disorganized for months now. A quick Insta vid of the couple (usually) in bed (always) playing with their menagerie of animals reveals a lot about the couple’s inner sanctuary.

Mainly, that it is disorganized as hell. From bags discarded on benches to a messy chest of drawers and bits and bobs strewn across the floor, I am one pee pad away from pulling a Leslie Singh (aka my mom) and threatening to go in there with a garbage bag and throw everything out. Don’t think I’m not serious, Justin! After weeks of catching sightings of the Biebs’ messy L.A. boudoir, I have had enough! But also, I have so many questions. Mainly, how in the heck is your room such a Chernobyl-level disaster? You are wealthy. Surely the royalties from your superb 2011 Christmas album alone can afford you at least a mid-level closet organizer from IKEA. Perhaps we’ve been skewed by a Kardashian family overload, but I fully expect all wealthy people to live in essentially a monastery à la Kim and Kanye West. Seriously, we need a Khloé Kardashian-pantry-level organization done in Mr. and Mrs. Bieber’s bedroom, STAT!

The most confusing part of all this? The rest of their home looks like a literal show home. It is seriously gorge and—more importantly—seriously organized. Which proves that, even after marriage, Bieber is *still* pretty much everyone’s annoying younger brother whose bedroom is a perpetual disaster. Maybe the couple’s household is legit like my own childhood home, and Mama Bieber just closes their bedroom door when the cleaning people pop by once a month.

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Also, where is Mrs. Bieber in all of this? I find it hard to fathom that the model, who consistently emulates the late and always great Princess Diana, would put up with a private bedroom that is anything less than royal. Maybe she has her own separate space across the hall, like Queen Elizabeth does in The Crown, for refuge. Or maybe she just sleeps on a pull-out couch in the family room.

Listen, most likely it’s just that the couple are (super) young lovers trying to make it in the world solely on a millionaire’s budget and their love for each other. There are going to be a few bumps and missteps along the way in their life together, and I guess that applies to the state of their bedroom as well. As they grow together as a couple, perhaps their organizational skills will similarly expand. Or maybe they’re just too busy getting to work on starting their little fam that they legit pay no attention to their baby-making surroundings? Either way, I need to look away.

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