Justin Bieber Crying on a CitiBike Is a #Mood

Why the long face, Biebs? Here, five theories

Justin Bieber, wearing an orange hoodie and blue baggy shorts, walks with fiancee Hailey Baldwin in a purple red and green floral dress

(Photo: Splash News)

Justin Bieber: singer, fiancée, man who loves problematic moustaches and… real human with emotions? It would seem so.

After making model Hailey Baldwin one less lonely girl with an engagement in July, the Canadian singer has been jetsetting around the continental USA with his lady love, making out in every Brooklyn park imaginable and seemingly not having a care in the world. That’s why fans were SHOCKED to see photos emerge of the crooner crying whilst out cycling with his beau on a CitiBike in early August. And not just tearing up; SOBBING. Like, Kim Kardashian-levels of sobbing. So, why the waterworks? Did he just finish a painful, pre-wedding tat removal? Was he upset over his mom “shading” his engagement? Had he just learned that Hailey booked an impending haircut? Please find five more highly scientific theories below:

1. It’s hot in NYC and emotions are high

Let’s be real, this summer has been a scorcher. 2018 is one of the hottest years on record, and New York has been under a serious heat wave. The Biebs has taken up residence in the Big Apple since early this summer and whilst out working on his fitness, was subject to another sweltering NYC day. August 7th—the day of the tears—saw temps reaching a whopping 90 degrees Fahrenheit. All that stagnant air and sweltering heat can only lead to one thing: heightened emotions. Hot weather actually does make people angrier and negatively affect our moods. Throw in some exercise–which, let’s be honest is only bearable at best on a temperate day—and you have a recipe for one emotional Biebs.

2. The Biebs, a notorious renter, was told he’ll have to buy

Since selling his Calabasas home to Khloé Kardashian in 2014, this jetsetter has been renting. As per Architectural Digest, the crooner has rented a handful of luxe abodes, including a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a $29,500 per month Lake Hollywood home with three bars and its own nightclub, a $60,000 per month all-glass house, an $80,000 per month ten-bedroom estate in Toluca Lake and a $133,000 per month London mansion with 15 bedrooms. All very casual. Needless to say, the boy loves to rent. And it makes sense—he’s been hopping around the world since he was pretty much a pre-teen. But, now that he’s about to become a family man, it’s time for him to give up his bachelor ways and *really* settle down, and that can be scary. Those NYC prices are no joke. In 2016, the average cost of an apartment in Manhattan was $2 million, with condos coming in at a whopping $3.1 million. (And you know Bieber would want a condo. )While a cool $3.1 mill may seem like chump change for JBiebs, when this property is one of many, those prices add up.

3. He was just told hotel slippers, are in fact, not footwear

Don’t @ me. Bieber has been trying to make hotel slippers as footwear happen since allll the way back in the summer of 2017, and we’re sorry to say, Justin, it’s not going to happen. Where’s the arch support? (You’re starting to get up there in age.) Where’s the protection from the hot and (sticky, ugh) streets of NYC? And most importantly, where’s the style? For someone who’s seriously raking in the $$, leave the hotel slippers to us normies who sneak them home after an extended stay at the Best Western.

Perhaps the 24-year-old has finally clued in to the impracticality of the trend, perhaps he’s read one of the *many* think pieces on his questionable footwear decisions (FLARE’s included), or maybe, just maybe, his stylish af fiancée got tired of looking like she was dragging around a hungover frat bro, and let it slip—mid-bike ride—that the wedding was on hold until those slippers came off. Which I mean, power to you, gf.

4. He has *just* caught up with the terrifying news cycle

While it may seem straight up irresponsible for someone to be out of the news loop these days, can we really fault the Biebs for wanting to take a time out from the garbage fire that is the 2018 news cycle? With a Beautyblender foundation-hued president discounting the media and separating families south of the border, a Trump-lite premier discontinuing vital sex education and basic income programming in Justin’s home province of Ontario, and Lindsay Lohan opening a series of  beach clubs in Greece, this year has been a wild and scary ride. We sometimes *wish* we could check out and turn off our brains for one second. So maybe, after his  summer of love, JBiebs finally turned on his big-screen TV (or, ideally, opened a newspaper), and checked back in. Honestly, tear-inducing.

5. He’s a real human with emotions who’s being stalked by paps EVERY. GD. DAY

Pretty self-explanatory. Who among us hasn’t had an off day? You’re just going along, minding your own business, riding through the park, when you suddenly become overwhelmed for no reason at all. That happens to me ALL THE TIME. Thankfully (for everyone), I’m not constantly being followed, photographed and seeing my face broadcast across the internet. It’s inevitable we’d catch the singer in an unflattering (but totes relatable) situation—he’s only human.

In fact, the Biebs has (kind of) alluded to the reason for his tears, telling TMZ he got emotional due to the major commitment he’s about to make with Baldwin and calling it a “bad day” in the long road that’s marriage. But the fact is, the singer doesn’t owe us a valid explanation for his tears, he doesn’t owe us an explanation at all, because it’s his own goddamn business. But TBH, my bet’s still on the haircut. He seems *very* attached to those greasy locks.


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