Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen to Play at Grey Cup

Bieber’s dance moves to add even more excitement to the CFL’s championship game.

Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Canada.

Young football fans and pop music lovers rejoice: Force of nature Justin Bieber will be performing at this year’s Grey Cup half-time show, the 100th edition of the CFL championship game.

Fellow Canadians Carly Rae Jepsen, pop-rock band Marianas Trench and Gordon Lightfoot (cue “who’s the old guy?” tweets) will join the Biebs in Toronto for the show on November 25th.
Will the well coiffed pop star bring the CFL Canadian ratings gold? Well, they sure are aiming for the widest possible reach. Says CFL commissioner Mark Cohon: “This array of stars will command a huge and diverse audience, entertaining our most loyal fans and attracting new ones to our game’s greatest showcase. It spans genres and generations. And it’s quintessentially Canadian and undoubtedly world class, at the same time.” —Portia Baladad