Juno Weekend - Day 1: Make it Rock

Photo by Justin Broadbent

You have to hand it to Emily Haines of Metric. Since a bunch of bands, singers and a few key players slated to be a part of the Junos this year were stuck in Moncton, Halifax, Toronto, Gander and various other city airports in Canada due to the thick fog in St. John’s (only few planes were able to land because the weather is so bad), Haines dedicated her high-octane performance last night to those who were stuck in a rut. “We have no choice but to rock for them and you,” she screamed during Metric’s concert (held in NFLD’s Delta Hotel Ballroom) before belting out a passionate version of Metric’s “Help I’m Alive” (off their Juno-nominated album, Fantasies). Fearlessly wearing silver sequin shorts and a loose white T-shirt (think Blondie-meets-Alexander Wang), she managed to make most of the text-crazed publicists and stressed-out journalists loosen up. Why were they so wound up? A slew of rehearsals, photo shoots and interviews (including FLARE’s) were rescheduled and/or canceled due to the Juno’s foggy predicament. Metric’s performance, however, was so outstanding that it almost made me forget that FLARE’s star photographer, George Pimentel (who was booked to snap two singers today and four tomorrow), is still stuck in Halifax and has been placed on an evening flight for Saturday night (!). Even though things look a little gloomy, seeing Haines go wild on stage (especially while singing “Gold Guns Girls”) has made me adopt her “we have no choice, we’ll have to rock” motto and mash it up with Tim Gunn’s signature “make it work” mantra. Whatever happens, we’ll just have to make it rock.