Juno Week In Toronto

Celebrate the Junos in Toronto this week

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has officially declared it Juno Week in Toronto. Topping our week’s activities is Sunday night’s broadcast—Drake will be hosting the 40th anniversary celebration. Other big name attendees will include recent Grammy winners Arcade Fire, electro-band Crystal Castles and country darling Shania Twain (who will be accepting a well-deserved induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame).  Tomorrow we’re doing a photo shoot with three Canadian artists (tune-in to Fashion Television on Sunday night for a teaser from our set). Be sure to check out our July issue for our full Juno’s coverage.

    FYI– Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has officially declared this week Juno week in Toronto. So if you’re in the area check out the more than two dozen Juno celebrations and events happening in the city. –Ashley Singh