June Horoscope


After months of seismic shifting, you’re able to serenely get your footing. Get busy and mend some fences if you want those who are close to remain so. And your bank account could use shoring up. But such catch-up toil feels right, at least until the solstice. Around then, you’ll forge ahead and discover why “summer” and “romance” go so well together, which kicks off a delightfully steamy season.


Who says you’re not eligible for any sweetness in life? With Venus in your sign, life really is one bodacious box of chocolates. Dive into whichever pleasure appeals, as your enjoyment only enhances your charisma (which you can use to attract new supporters in your career and admirers in your off hours). The only downside: most travel plans tend to stall in the gate, especially at month’s end.

Not even those gorgeous new aviator shades can dim your view of the future. You see all the glorious possibilities in 3-D, widescreen, digital. They may take time to realize, but what’s the rush? You can keep busy glad-handing your way around the cocktail and barbecue circuits. Make a fresh start in a relationship around the solstice. Hint: If there’s more fighting than flirting, it’s time to flutter elsewhere.

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The full moon sees you out on the prowl at your lithe and tawny best. You’ll set the party circuit ablaze, but with Mars igniting your work sector, you may need to put out a few fires there. At least a nose to the grindstone won’t get sun-burned and you won’t have to watch others get the jump on you. Once summer arrives, a little detox and a two-week staycation begin to look good.



You’re ready for your retake, as in a second chance at a potential career move that fizzled last month. This time around, you have vital new supporting players who not only laud your merits but help you land that promotion. Meanwhile, this is your optimum travel month. Do aim to look smashing in that bikini, but ease up on the exercise, lest a sprain or strain occur.



Stop stockpiling the fabric swatches and paint chips. Unleash your inner artiste. You can put your house in a new order, literally or figuratively. Around the solstice, your liberal use of such phrases as “our next step” may not have the desired effect on your relationship. It’s make-or-break time, but also one in which you can set ground rules that last.



With Venus as your lucky charm this month, you get along with others swimmingly. Focus on where you want to make a splash—career, romance, wherever—then just get in the pool. An ability to find the right words in any situation proves to be a real lifesaver. Any money pinch will be due to circumstances beyond your control, but it could also be offset by a windfall just when you need it most.


Life for you is like an all-you-can-eat buffet, but in this fast-paced month, you’ll succeed by exercising a little portion control, putting just a bit on your plate from each area of your life. Put in an order relating to your career goals, even though it will take time before you hear back. You’re tempted to go whole hog with the spending at month’s end—but focus more on bringing home the bacon.



The last time you played hooky you were, like, 12. This would be a good time to ditch overachieving for a while. Stopping to smell the roses really is good for the soul, and it now gives you time to plant seeds where it looks romantically promising. At month’s end, tread lightly around those closest to you at home or work, when a clash of wills is likely.


Your shuttle is on cruise control as the month begins. Rather than launching new projects, catch up on the gazillion you never finished. Steer your social life into the high-flying slipstream you adore. To keep looking fabulous in that jumpsuit, though, move your body as much as possible, because Jupiter in your sign just might expand more than your horizons.


You’re all busy-ness this month, as a planetary confab in your third house keeps you on the go. It could be you’re fleeing some domestic chaos. Or maybe your friends have plied you with more invites than any mortal can handle. Through it all, every breath you take, every move you make seems crucial now, and it is. The key is to pause and tap into the universe before taking personal and life-altering action.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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