July Horoscope


The world is your playground, with a host of new playmates. Except for the one who may try to kick over your castle, most will play nicely. And someone who is a child at heart (the same one who has your best interests at heart) may make you skip for joy. Two eclipses provide a rare widescreen glimpse of the big picture. Get ready to put some hitherto hidden talents on display in the months ahead.


The lazy, hazy days of summer prove a little crazy, but don’t let it bother you. There’s always a little quality cottage time to help you chill out. Do buy some good shades this month, as Mars throws a white-hot spotlight on your finances. You can target a great deal at 10 paces, and your inner GPS helps you be in the right place at the right time when they’re handing out the bonuses.



Forget about the dog days of summer—you’re more sex kitten (as a little fun and flirtation always boosts your morale). Speaking of boosts, your finances are headed in the right direction. Just be careful of sudden impulses, such as hitting “send” too quickly. It’s crucial that email and other missives reach the right people at the right time.

Tired of waiting in the wings? Your big break is coming soon, though you may have to live with that understudy feeling for a while. But if you search, someone you look up to could arrive on the scene. Meanwhile, there’s always romance to take your mind off things. Play it out in a foho look (think boho but folksier) and you’ll soon have someone new to give co-billing.



When others are downshifting into summer mode, you’re gearing up. Get ready to make a significant shift in your love life or self-expression. You may be inspired to slip into something daring, even saucy, more than once. The solar eclipse impacts your public sector, but that’s no reason to accept the first offer you get. Good things come to Virgoans who wait—however impatiently.



You’d love to be the grasshopper, bounding off toward new adventures and fresh scenery. But it’s the ant who makes the most of this potent career cycle, so get busy. With a little effort, you can put yourself in line for a promotion or new position. Also, dust off the designer duds that say va-va-voom and you’ll find a lover who speaks your language.



It’s prime time for a major vacation. Far from the madding crowd, that secret, consuming drama (the one about love gone wrong, betrayal, etc.) seems suddenly insignificant. Toss it overboard and include a bunch of other old bag-gage. Then, you can plot a new career course and sail along smoothly. Just don’t assume your bank account is invincible, lest you hit a reef or two.


You could come down with a serious case of the “I wanna”s, as in the best condo, a new car and Louboutins. This month’s eclipses help you get serious about attaining your desires by adding to your skill set and net worth. Meanwhile, your knack for being everyone’s best friend, which embraces quite a crowd, is active. By month’s end, one contender will vie to become more than that.



You may be confined to your cubicle, but don’t sulk; while others vacation, your sterling efforts will shine even more brightly. As well, projects started now build promising momentum into fall. Exiting your isolation chamber, you may tumble into the arms of your partner. Don’t scamper back just because he doesn’t immediately follow your lead. You might learn a new step or two.


Lost that carefree summer feeling? It’s only temporary, as you’ll easily weather a little turbulence around the workplace. Batten down the hatches and nurture your rich inner life—that heightened sense of what life beyond the office door can hold. Pay attention and you’ll find important clues about your true vocation. A possible new romance at month’s end will be sweet, sustaining and uplifting.


Life is a cabaret and everyone wants to get into your act. But at least there’s lots of variety and, mostly, it’s all in good fun. One pal could try to upgrade his status to romantic partner. Meanwhile, your inbox overfloweth. Unless you really want more assignments than you can reasonably handle, practise various ways of saying “No”—and sound like you mean it.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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