Here's A Sentence I Never Thought I’d Say: I’m Really Excited For the JoBros Tour

K who's coming with me?!

My “music journey” through the ’90s/early ’00s was fairly typical. As a preteen, the sweet, sweet pop melodies of the Spice Girls and Hanson filled my bedroom. Whiny, indie ballads took over my angsty teenage years, while university was for folksy CanCon.

Now, at 30, it would appear that I am in another pop phase. I listened to Sweetener on repeat all winter, regularly find myself explaining how talented Harry Styles is to anyone who will listen and recently fell in love with Kacey Musgraves. But the most recent manifestation of my pop phase might be the most unexpected: I am now a Jonas Brothers fan. And I can’t wait for their freaking tour.

Read on and allow me to convert you, too.

They have staying power

Did you know these three have been topping the charts for almost 15 years? As a trio, their first single was “Year 3000” when Nick was just a tiny 13-year-old. That song is kind of amazing, and also predicted the prevalence of boy bands in our modern age, along with the fact that we’ll probably all be living under water real soon.

Then, after three more very successful albums, the band broke hearts around the world when they announced their split in 2013. While Kevin went off and started a family, Nick and Joe parlayed their Jonas fame into two very successful careers, with the latter going solo and the former starting a new band, DNCE. Thanks to that, we got several high-quality bops from Nick—and bless, so much of his hot bod—along with the most fun from Joe and his bandmates.

Now, with their recent return, their fan base has reemerged too. And if you don’t believe, please view the below vid from their performance at last night’s Billboard Music Awards.

The new bops

If you say “Sucker” is anything but an excellent song, you’re lying to me and to yourself, because that sh-t is gold. And, if you haven’t yet seen the masterpiece that is its music video, prepare yourself:

Corgis, OTT hats and bathtub drinking. What more could you ever want? Pretty sure I’ve watched it 20 times, and I’ll probably hit 30 by the time I’m done writing this. Seeing it live would make my life. The second single from their new album, “Cool,” is also very good, and that’s mostly because of the video, with its throwback Miami antics and personal pump-up mantras like “maybe I should bottle my moves, sell ’em for a dollar or two” and “when I grow up, I wanna be just like me.” Same.

The outfits

Um, did you see their outfits for the Sucker promo shots?

Like, get out of here with those fun prints! Their stylist, Avo Yermagyan, was responsible for these get-ups—from Prabal Gurung and Dries Van Noten, no less—as well as everything in the “Sucker” video. He told the Hollywood Reporter he wanted to amp up their looks for their comeback, and I’m betting he has some amazing stuff up his sleeve for the tour.

The Wives Jonas

Last but not least, each Jonas has an amazing partner. If you don’t know everything there is to know about Joe and Priyanka’s love story, we’re impressed. And same goes for Nick and his brand new wife, Sophie Turner, who is my personal hero.

Priyanka, Sophie and Kevin’s wife, Danielle, all inspired the lyrics for “Sucker,” and watching them all frolic in the video was such a delight. Then, at the Billboard Music Awards, they all just looked so damn in love with their respective JoBro. Maybe they’ll all show up at one of the Canadian shows? I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll be craning my neck looking for them.


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