John Mayer Plays Life Coach on Twitter, Actually Gives Good Advice

John Mayer isn't "Waiting On the World to Change" any longer—he's taking matters into his own hands. First stop: Twitter life coaching

For most people, Sunday is a day of rest. It means grocery shopping and doing laundry before settling in with a glass bottle of vino and Game of Thrones.

Apparently, this is not the case for John Mayer. The soft-rock singer concluded his weekend by asking his one million followers if they were ISO advice:

A tweet by John Mayer that says, "It's Sunday evening. Let me be your life coach. If you can make the question fit, I'll make the answer fit"

It didn’t take long for the Twittersphere to excitedly take him up on his offer, giving Mayer plenty of opportunities to drop some knowledge, which was was actually… Sage? Wholesome? Inspirational? I know, I can’t believe it either. Over the span of two hours in the middle of the night, we learned a lot about the quirky musician.

Mayer’s go-to tricks for beating insomnia are pretty peculiar

A tweet by John Mayer that says "Some hints. A: take a nap. B: Eat—fill the stomach and the body will sleep. C: A repetitive game. Flight sim. Desert Truck app.

He’s cheeky as f-ck


A tweet by John Mayer that says "When you take it a step too far"

He knows you need to find a balance between self-love and love from others


A tweet by John Mayer that says "Hell no. It just contains it. Self love knows tomorrow's gonna be different. It holds onto you until then."

He believes in the power of forgiveness

A tweet by John Mayer that says "Forgive them as if they're never going to return the favour. Clean up your side of the street"

He is fantastic at finding metaphors for heartbreak

A tweet by John Mayer that says "Probably. Be hopeful but ready to break down the campsite and hike to another. it's in the contract. High cost of doing' biz. Sucks don't it?"

(Photo: Twitter/@JohnMayer)

After Mayer’s foray into online life coaching, I am extremely hopeful that his next album is a self-help audiobook. I need more metaphors!

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