Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Want Your John Legend Lookalike Baby Pics

The clapback queen is not here for your John Legend lookalike baby pics—but you gotta admit, some of these babies are... Legend-ary

Chrissy Teigen would really like the world to know that yes, she’s aware that her husband John Legend looks like a baby himself (LOL) and therefore lots of actual babies look like him, but no, she’s really not interested in having any more “John babies” DM’d her way, thankyouverymuch.

While we always support our girl, some of these babies that look like John are way too accurate. The one that got Twitter wound up in the first place is legit uncanny. 

But this baby also has a crazy resemblance to the singer. Those eyes!

This little cutie, too. 

Some Twitter users started tossing baby burns at John…

And then people brought Donald J. Trump into the convo because Twitter.

No one wanted to leave Putin out, of course.

Gordon Ramsay got dragged in, too…

As did this golden oldie of the ultimate Ed Sheeran baby lookalike.

This tweet brings on the giggles.

But this one that related John Legend’s baby resemblance to John Legend’s Arthur resemblance was the mic drop, IMO.

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