Our Top JFL42 Picks: Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer & More

Toronto’s comedy festival JFL42 has tons of killer comics coming to town to share the joy, from headliners Lena Dunham, Nick Offerman and Amy Schumer to new faves Tig Notaro and the Broad City gals. Check out our picks below



Hype is high for Lena Dunham’s JFL42 reading from her forthcoming book, Not That Kind of Girl. Jian Gomeshi also takes the stage for a Q&A with the Girls creator. (We’re also dying to see what the adventuresome actress will be wearing—will she go sensible-author, or sexy-ish-starlet?)



Amy Schumer is one of the bravest—and funniest—voices in comedy right now, laying bare the ridiculousness of modern-day lady-life, from herpes scares to how chicks just can’t take a compliment. We can’t wait to see just how far she takes it as a JFL42 headliner.



Here’s hoping our beloved mustachioed Parks & Recreation star will unholster that cutest-ever giggle of his. We’re unsure what his stand-up might be like, and wager that it may just be a series of carefully considered wisdom-pearls about the fine art of canoe-building or maintaining a wonderful marriage.



Most in-the-know girls we know are obsessed with the Broad City gals, Ilana Galzer and Abbi Jacobson, and their convention-busting major-swagger Comedy Central show that follows the hilarious big-city adventures of this real-life BFF twosome, from the perils of banging improv comedians to dealing with monstrous roomies.

Mike Birbiglia


We can sound all cool and say that we saw the sweet-as-pie Mike Birbiglia Way Back When at a teeny-tiny Brooklyn comedy night. Now, he has three Comedy Central specials under his belt, a couple albums, and a New York Times bestseller that he then turned into a movie. So…he’s pretty funny.



Adored by Louis CK, Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman, the Vanity Fair-approved Tig Notaro is a much-lauded comic with a laidback style that cuddles you like a warm cup of tea. But there’s a kick to it, too. She tackles tough topics like her own cancer—and catcallers singling out her small boobs—with sharp wit.

Mantown Publicity Shoot, Bob Banks, Jason DeRosse, Adam Cawley, Rob Norman


Okay, we had to shout out one Toronto act. Hometown pride! Our vote for local act extraordinaire is the wonderfully named Mantown. We still have fond memories of one particular show where there was some kind of improv bit about a bear being indignant that he wasn’t allowed to vote due to eating a baby. Like most improv, you had to be there, so get thee to Mantown’s gig to see their genius—and cuteness—in the flesh.