Jessica Chastain on Gender Inequality: Stop Talking About It & Do Something

The actress makes a point of working with at least one female filmmaker per year

Jessica chastain on gender pay gap on tiff red carpet

(Photo: getty images)

The ever elegant Jessica Chastain hit up the second day of the Toronto International Film Festival to promote Molly’s Game, and while she stunned on the red carpet (as per usual), she also used her time with reporters to talk about the enduring gender wage gap in Hollywood. We listened intently and here’s what Chastain had to say about supporting women in the TV and film industry.

“I am making a conscious effort to put my resources into female filmmakers,” Chastain told red carpet reporters.

This isn’t the first time the actress has spoken out about gender inequality in her line of work. In April, Chastain told Allure that—as long as male and female actors were being fairly compensated for their work—she would be “very happy taking a film part and the male actor getting less [money]. I have a difficulty with my value being determined by what’s left over after the male actor has taken a share. I just don’t allow it anymore.”


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