Pardon Me, But Can Jonny Slamm Please Be a Real Thing?

Your fave low-key stunning comedic actress and your eternal husband *might* be dating

(Photo: Getty Images)

Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm an an event in April  (Photo: Getty Images)

Oh, hi there. Just thought you should know that your fave low-key stunning comedic actress and your eternal husband might be dating. That’s right, Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm were spotted doing the thing that only extremely romantic and sex-crazed new couples do (JK)—catching an afternoon movie. I mean, it doesn’t get much more salacious than that, right?

Sure, recently filmed the movie Aardvark together and yes, a matinee among platonic friends is obviously a thing, but we’re choosing to indulge our fantasy—but also our jealousy because, like, she already dated Chris Evans so not sure why she has to be so greedy but whatevs. BUT ALSO, she is perfection and daddy Hamm maybe doesn’t even deserve her so really we’re conflicted—that these two are knockin’ boots IRL. People on Twitter, bless ’em, are also here for it.

Correct, The Cut, they are both extremely attractive.

This person is a GD genius.

Preach, @strange_mercyy, PREACH.

Yes, please do.

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