Jennifer Lopez writes a song about her shoes…and its fierce.


You have to hand it to Jenny, JLo, Jenblock, Lola or whatever it is that she wants to call herself these days. While most divas of her stature would have already given up on a music career altogether (her last two albums—Rebirth and Brave—didn’t even touch the charts), Ms. Lopez continues to find a few hours in her schedule to pencil in some studio time. Even though many of the previously leaked Lopez tracks that peppered the internet have been totally ho-hum, her latest song to hit the www, “Louboutins”, is a huge step up from anything that she’s delivered on record in the past five years. Hopefully these rumours are true and the track—which is a ferocious tribute to the French shoe designer—will be her first official single off a supposedly new album from JL, which is slated to launch in January. Overall impressions? The thumping bassline on “Louboutins” makes you want to book a flight to Costa Rica for a weekend of clubbing and the chorus is almost  as catchy as her legendary hit “Waiting For Tonight” (which is probably the best pre-party song to come out of the 90s). Listen to Lopez’s new song here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJgEvoRgg3Y&feature=player_embedded Honestly, it’s Fierceness incorporated. Welcome back to the block!  —E.I.