Jennifer Lopez Might Already Have a Maid of Honour—And It's Someone You Know

She was the only account tagged on Jennifer Lopez's engagement IG post...

Jennifer Lopez sits on a talk show couch and smiles in a white low-cut gown

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It happened. J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez), our favourite acronym-loving couple, are engaged. The A-list couple—who have spent the last two years jet-setting, melding their two adorable fams and sizzling up our screens—announced their engagement on March 9 with matching posts on social media.

The engagement news—and 15-carat diamond, which is estimated to be worth more than $1 million—were celebrated across social media.

People were *thrilled* about the rock that Jenny got, and that both she and her New York beau are, somewhat, from the same block. (Sorry, we had to.)

The couple just announced their engagement, but it looks like Lopez can already cross “find a Maid of Honour” off her wedding to-do list. In the Instagram post announcing her engagement, Lopez only tagged one person. No, not her new fiancée, but someone who is potentially equally important: Ellen DeGeneres.

While The Ellen Show may seem like a surprising tag for such a personal announcement, it may be about more than just trying to land another spot on the talk show. During one of Ellen‘s February episodes, DeGeneres gifted the couple with an anniversary clock. “It’s basically to remind him that time is ticking… and he should hurry up and propose,” DeGeneres said.

And listen, we’re not going to say that DeGeneres’s goading is what prompted A-Rod to pop the question, but only a few weeks later, #JRod made it official. In response to the recent IG tag, The Ellen Show insta account commented: “Yes. I’ll be your Maid of Honour.”

While we’re not sure if DeGeneres will actually accompany J.Lo on her big day, we do know that she’d make a killer MOH. Here’s why:

Ellen DeGeneres would make a hilarious wedding speech

The MOH toast is a wedding staple and, according to Wedding Wire‘s *extensive* MOH checklist, this speech typically focusses on the bride as well as the MOH’s love and respect for the newlywed couple. “As long as the speech comes from the heart, it’s sure to be a hit,” writer Kim Forrest advises.

The talk show host has long been a supporter of the couple’s relationship. In November, DeGeneres told Lopez that Rodriguez had texted her that he was ready to propose.“You should [get married], because y’all seem very happy,” DeGeneres said. “I mean, it would be good to do for Christmas.” Emphatically team #JRod, DeGeneres definitely has the love and respect thing down.

When it comes to the actual tone of the speech, we have a feeling DeGeneres will lean more towards the roast category, but as the talk show host is known for her big heart, there’ll be just enough sentiment to make sure Lopez is both laughing and tearing up from all the feels. After all, she has a 16-year history of making audiences and celebs, including J.Lo, belly laugh on The Ellen Show.

J.Lo and A-rod will 100% get a bomb gift

As the newest Oprah of daytime TV, DeGeneres has carried on the tradition of giving extravagant gifts. DeGeneres, who could basically be renamed DeGenerous, has become well known for her creative and hilarious gifts (ICYMI, the aforementioned engagement clock), so it’s likely that she’d go all out for the wedding.

Maybe she’ll make a donation in their name to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund? Maybe she’ll invite J.Lo and A-Rod over for an exclusive couples dinner with Portia and casual besties, former POTUS and FLOTUS, Barack and Michelle Obama? Or maybe she’ll gift them one of the reportedly 15 homes she’s amassed over the past 25 years as part of her side gig of flipping real estate? The opportunities are endless.

Added bonus: she could outfit the entire bridal party—J.Lo’s BFF Leah Remini included—with the infamous Ellen Show swag! We see a bridal PJ line in the works, TBH.

Degeneres would throw one heck of a bachelorette party

Besides the wedding, one of the most important pre-marriage events is the bachelorette party. Whether you’re lounging on a beach in Mexico like Selena Gomez, jet setting to Italy like the cast of Pretty Little Liars or spending a low-key weekend in with gal pals, there’s a lot of pressure for the MOH to put together a fun and appropriate shindig. Luckily, DeGeneres is no stranger to throwing bomb AF parties. Her 60th birthday in February 2018 was a blowout, with celebs from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen to the Kardashians and Jennifer Aniston coming out to celebrate the comedian. Now that’s star power.

Throw in a Kardashian-certified photo booth, and you’re good to go!

DeGeneres and J.Lo would tear up the dance floor

We’ve all been to *those* weddings: The ceremony is over, the tears have dried, the bland chicken has been half-eaten and there’s the inevitable lull, when people are too full, and not yet lit enough, to dance. In comes the MOH. While not an official duty, the ability to light up the dance floor and get everyone moving is definitely an added MOH bonus.

And TBH, whoever *is* MOH has to keep up with this:

Which, I mean, good luck. But, with a dance resume that already includes grooving with J.Lo as well as Magic Mike‘s Channing Tatum and former First Lady Michelle Obama, we have a feeling DeGeneres could keep up.

Lopez has yet to confirm whether or not DeGeneres is in fact her MOH, and until she does, we’ll just be over here, hardcore creeping the #JRod hashtag for updates.


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