Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Kim Kardashian's Contour Stick Looks Like a Dildo

The self-proclaimed Kardashian family superfan stepped in as host for Jimmy Kimmel and her convo with Kim was epic

“I have been obsessed with this first guest and her family for over a decade in a very, very healthy way,” said Jennifer Lawrence on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Same, J-Law, same. The Hunger Games star’s sit-down with Kim Kardashian started strong—and relatable—and it only got better from there. Chatting about everything from flatulence and dildos to drunk Kris Jenner (#Queen), Lawrence’s interview was v. funny *and* informative. If you’ve never been than keen on J-Law (it me), you just might change your mind after watching this.

Lawrence—who is a proud Kardashian fam superfan—was filling in for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! late night host while his six-month-old son Billy, who had emergency open heart surgery at just three days old, awaits a second surgery. Little Billy’s surgery has reportedly been postponed due to family colds but Kimmel took the week off anyway, making way for guest hosts including Channing Tatum, Shaquille O’Neal and Lawrence who did such a good job, we have to wonder if she’s gunning for Kimmel’s gig. Here are our some of fave quotes from her 18 minutes of magic with Kardashian:

On exes with lookalike wives:

“Do you think it’s a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks just like you? I don’t.” —Lawrence

On boozy dinner parties chez Kris Jenner:

“Jennifer came over for dinner two weeks ago and we’ve never seen our mom more drunk in our lives.” —Kardashian

“Take it easy, I was way more drunk than your mom.”—Lawrence

On farts:

“So do you and Kanye, like, fart in front of each other or do you talk about farts?” —Lawrence

“I don’t fart, what are you talking about?” —Kardashian

On Kardashian’s hacker-spy skills:

“So do you think that you could like hack like a president’s Twitter and maybe like stop a war? Like, you could save the world, in theory.”

On sister style:

“Is Khloe like in on your being subtly rude to her or are you just subtly rude?” —Lawrence

On mistaking Kim’s contour sticks for dildos:

“It wasn’t necessarily the flesh colour that made me think it was a dildo.” —Lawrence

“That didn’t come to mind until after the fact when I was posting it on social media and I thought, ‘Oh shit, this looks like a dildo.”

On other celeb gossip:

“This is a total side note, but what do you think about Selena getting back together with Justin?” —Lawrence

Um, can we plz get an invite to the next Kris-Jenner-J-Law dinner party?

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