Jeanne Beker To Receive Canadian Award of Distinction

The ‘Fashion Television’ host is being honoured for her 27 years of breaking fashion coverage

Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Duncan/CTV

It’s about time. After 27 years of hosting Fashion Television, Jeanne Beker is receiving the 2012 Canadian Award of Distinction at the Banff World Media Festival next week – joining previous Canadian winners like actress Kim Cattrall, TV host Howie Mandel and Will and Grace’s Eric McCormack.

Beker will be honoured for her major influence in the fashion industry, both nationally and globally, as well as for being the first to ever cover fashion on primetime television. “It’s sort of one of those awards where you sort of wonder, ‘Does this mean I’ve arrived or does this mean it’s time to leave?,”‘ joked Beker in an interview.

“I’m really surprised in some ways just because I can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes. I remember [the] early days of my career where I had to fight hard for credibility because I didn’t always have it.”

The esteemed fashion program suspended production in April, much to the dismay of fashion fans around the world, but Beker plans on continuing to evolve the FT brand. Along with her groundbreaking fashion journalism, Beker has also designed her own clothing line, written an autobiography, and acted as Honourary Chair for Fashion Cares, a charity event aimed at raising money for AIDS initiatives. With all that under her belt, a ‘distinguished’ title seems appropriate. – Christian Allaire

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