5 Diva Demands From Jay Z and Kanye's Leaked Riders

This week, we got a glimpse into the luxe lives of Jay Z and Kanye West when their tour requests were leaked. Here are the most OTT of their v. specific demands

Mint floss, luxe candles, monochromatic towels—these aren’t just the contents of your dream bathroom. They’re also a few of the many specific high-maintenance demands of hip hop royalty, Jay Z and Kanye West, who put hotel staff on high alert whenever they blow through town.

(Photo: Crushable)

(Photo: Crushable)

Earlier this week, their tour riders were leaked and published by TMZ. Here are the five diva-est deets of their baller requests:

1. Yes there are the usual requests we’d expect from superstars: expensive booze (Ace of Spades for Jay, Paradise Hennessy for Kanye); $80 candles scented with tuberose for the Carter crew, all-black everything (when it comes to towels) for future President West… And if you’ve ever wondered what Yeezus likes to munch on, think organic cereal—Kashi’s Go Lean, to be specific. Oh, and don’t skimp on the dental floss—mint, specifically. How else is he supposed to get that cereal out of his teeth?

2. Do Not Disturb: while the infamous “no eye contact” clause is absent from his rider, Jay does ask for privacy, specifically telling the staff to refrain from asking for concert tickets to “avoid embarrassment.” Hova also warns against vacuuming anywhere near his room—maybe he’s worried about waking Blue Ivy from her nap?

3. OK, so this next one isn’t really that high-maintenance—in fact, it’s kind of sweet in a helicopter-parent way: Jay Z needs organic milk for Blue (duh) and asks that the room be childproofed (no sharp corners or unprotected outlets) and free of dangerous objects like vases, lamps and statues.

4. Speaking of vases, Kanye’s room should be filled with cylindrical ones. What, did you think he’d use square or round vases like some kind of peasant? Gross.

5. The vases nicely complement Kanye’s next request: a Genelecs 1031a speaker. There’s just one tiny, itty bitty issue with that: those speakers were discontinued a decade ago, in 2005. There are a few available on eBay—place your order now if you’re hoping to have Yeezy for a sleepover.

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