Jay Baruchel Spills His Dating Secrets

The star of the new “surrealist dating comedy” Man Seeking Woman on being yourself and the difficulties of dating

jay-baruchelAsked to sum up his new TV show Man Seeking Woman (FXX, Wednesdays, 10:30pm), Montrealer Jay Baruchel says, “I have a hell of a time describing it, which makes it kind of exciting.” He suggests “cartoon come to life,” but “surrealist dating comedy” works, too. Showrunner Simon Rich—himself only 30—drew on his own painful experiences: “It felt like the entire fate of the world was resting on every text or every date. It occurred to me to stop writing about my love life the boring way it actually happened and start writing about how it felt.” Hero Josh Greenberg (Baruchel) suffers the usual dating indignities, but they’re shown as whimsical extremes, like being set up with an actual troll, or discovering that his ex is now dating 126-year-old Hitler (an Emmy-worthy turn by a top-secret guest star). We quizzed Baruchel on his real-life dating travails.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? “I took a girl to Independence Day at a cheap theatre and there was a lunatic behind us who lost his mind and started smoking cigarettes in the theatre and talking to us, then was escorted out, so any mood that was cultivated was thoroughly trampled.”

What’s the best dating advice you’ve gotten? “Be yourself.”

What’s the worst dating advice you’ve gotten? “Be yourself.”

What are the cons of dating today? “Dating has never been easy. It’s difficult until it isn’t. Most of the time it sucks and then when the right two people get together, it doesn’t. Most people would agree that it’s not a sh-tload of fun and it gets old after a while.”