10 Blissful Minutes With Ultimate Canadian Crush, Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley—actor, director, author, race car driver & eternal heartthrob—is getting a much deserved star on Canada's Walk of Fame. We chatted with him about Timmies, double denim and more truly Canadian things

jason priestley interview

(Photo: George Pimentel Photography/Canada’s Walk of Fame)

Were you a Brandon or a Dylan girl? Trick question: you were—or are, ’cause lord knows their swoon-worthiness holds up—both. And if you’re like a lot of girls with a thing for bad boys, you probably dated a bunch of wannabe Dylans (who, P.S., are actually just sad slacker boozehounds IRL—more on that later) before meeting your Brandon. But we digress. Jason Priestley, whose role as handsome, wholesome do-gooder Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210 kicked off a 20-year career both in front of and behind the camera, not to mention racing cars and writing one juicy 2014 memoir in his spare time, is finally receiving a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame—how did he not have one yet?!—and we were lucky enough to chat on the phone for a sweet, nostalgic 10 minutes about all things Canada. Spoiler alert: he’s just as charming as we’d hoped.

Here are 11 (mostly) Canadian things we learned about national treasure, Jason Priestley.

1. He thought the Walk of Fame folks were calling to ask him to host the show again 

“I hosted the show the last two years so when they called me, of course I assumed they were just calling to ask me to host again! When they told me that they wanted to present me with a star myself, I was incredibly honoured. It’s a really big deal to have a star on the Walk of Fame; it feels like an incredible achievement. I feel like I’m almost too young and haven’t achieved enough in my life to be receiving such an honour. And yet when I look at my resumé, it feels like I maybe have achieved enough. But in my mind, I still think I’m 25.” We do too, Jason, we do too.

2. His fave places in Canada are both in his native British Columbia
He chose the trendy Gastown neighborhood in Vancouver, B.C. as the best place he’s lived in the great white north while picturesque Ucluelet on Vancouver Island is his favourite place to visit.

3. His Timmies order is extremely no-frills
The Priestley!” he joked when asked his go-to Tim Horton’s order, before admitting that he’s got the same order as your stern grandpa: a black coffee with one sugar. “That’s it. And generally I don’t get a doughnut at all.” We like a man who knows what he wants.

4. But he actually has sampled the v. limited edition namesake donut Tim’s concocted in 2013
“They made a few of them, actually, and they brought a few boxes of them to the opening night of the David Mamet play Race that I did at Canadian Stage.”

5. He cannot recall the last time he wore a Canadian tuxedo
But he did refer to the look as “double denim.”

jason priestley interview

(Photo: George Pimentel Photography/Canada’s Walk of Fame)

6. It was very, very, very hard for him to choose his favourite Barenaked Ladies song
But the unofficial ambassador for the most Canadian band ever finally settled on a BNL top three after about four minutes of hesitation and a lot of “oh boys.” “That’s very difficult… that’s really hard. I’m going to say ‘Old Apartment.’ I’m going to say ‘Alcohol’ because that’s a great song. And I’m going to say…. oh, boy. Oh, boy. Wow. I’m going to say—I’m going to go pretty deep and I’m going to say… You know what I’m going to say? I’m going to say—this is going to cause a lot of fights around the Christmas dinner table—you know, I’m going to say ‘Aluminum.'”

7. He’d choose maple syrup over poutine any day of the week
“Maple syrup,” he answered without a second of hesitation.

8. He likes his Coffee Crisp
“I love a Coffee Crisp and they are nowhere to be found in America,” he said when asked what Canadian candy he misses most while at home in L.A. He also joneses for ketchup chips (which he pronounces “catchup” #dead). “You’re starting to be able to find them here and it’s wonders when you can find them.”

9. Andrea Zuckerman would be his pick for “Honorary Canadian” from the 90210 cast of characters
“I think the only honorary Canadian would be Andrea (played by Gabrielle Carteris) because she was honest, she was hardworking, and she was very true to herself all the time.” Is that some rare shade we detect?

10. He’s not really like Dylan OR Brandon IRL
“I’m not like either of them, to tell you the truth. I’m not as moody and bitchy as Dylan was. He was so moody all the time and that guy drank way too much.” Preach, Priestley!

11. He’s super-proud of being Canadian
“Everything that Canada stands for makes me proud to be a Canadian, especially nowadays. Everything about Canada makes me proud to be Canadian.”

Watch the 2016 Canada’s Walk of Fame ceremony Monday, Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on Global.

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