It’s Not Over for Don and Megan Draper on AMC’s Mad Men

Showrunner Matt Weiner implied in a quick interview that Don and Megan’s marriage is safe — for now.

Photo Courtesy of AMC

In Mad Men’s season five finale, it looked like the end of Don Draper’s marriage to the French-Canadian Megan. But according to the drama’s showrunner Matthew Weiner, the adman’s marriage isn’t over just yet.

“He loves her, and he gave her what she wanted,” Weiner told TVLine. “I don’t know that the marriage is over.”

Don (Jon Hamm) and Megan’s (Montreal’s Jessica Paré) relationship was already strained as Don had to come to terms with their age difference while Megan struggled to deal with Don’s secretive nature.  Megan’s acting dreams were another issue for the two as Don failed to take her seriously. At the end, he caves in and helps Megan land a role in a commercial.

 “No matter what, we’re seeing that it was not the fantasy that he had about their relationship,” said Weiner. —Portia Baladad