The World’s Worst Wedding Gift?

The overwhelmingly sleazy offering Kim Kardashian received from her sex tape co-star, Ray J

Ray J

Ray J

Singer and sex tape star Ray J apparently believes that nothing says “I still care” like a gesture of simmering hostility. Cue Pachelbel’s Canon: Kim Kardashian’s ex-bf is giving the reality star a $47,000 cheque to celebrate her May 24 wedding to Kanye West.

Why $47,000? That’s the creepy part. The figure represents approximately four months of his share of the profits from Ray J and Kim’s infamous sex tape, the DIY romp that kickstarted Kim’s kareer as a pseudo-celeb.

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Kardashian reportedly won’t be accepting the overwhelmingly sleazy gift from the hopeless romantic who penned the song ‘I Hit it First’ (also about Kim), which is hardly surprising. But the real news, however, may be how much dough the now seven-year-old sex tape fetches monthly. (It’s made an estimated $50 million since its release!)

TMZ offers the breakdown:
January 2014: $6,135.60
February 2014: $20,097.31
March 2014: $9,674.76
April 2014: $10,931.52
TOTAL: $46,839.19

No word on why February was such a solid month—perhaps the Polar Vortex was to blame?

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