Is Britney Spears Stuck in the Past?

The pop queen released her comeback single—but what decade is she in again? Five icons whose style is stuck in their glory days

britney spears style

(Photo courtesy RCA)

Our teenaged hearts squeeeeed this morning when we woke up to Britney Spears’ comeback track “Make Me.” And then, we saw the single’s cover art and got confused. Is this an intentional throwback shot? Recycling the archives? Or, in 2016, is Britney seriously still scarf-dressing and wearing thigh-high white perforated leather boots? YEP, she sure as hell is.

As far as style goes, Britney’s still living in her glory days—but she’s not the only pop queen stuck in her peak decade’s garb. Click through for the now-and-then (A.K.A same-same) get-ups of our fave divas.


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