Interview: The Bachelor Canada’s Brad Smith

Our new columnist meets the tear-shedding, love-song-loving, football-playing Bachelor himself

2012 CityTV Brad Smith Is One Fine Looking All-Canadian Bachelor

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It takes a big man to admit that The Notebook is one of his favourite movies. It’s even more unusual when that man is a professional football player. But Brad Smith isn’t afraid to show off his softer side. The 28-year-old, former Edmonton Eskimos player from Hudson, Que. is about to put his emotions on full display as Canada’s first ever Bachelor. A week before the show’s debut, we chatted with Smith about his sappy side, his perfect date outfit, and why being a reality TV pioneer gave him nightmares.

You saw the premiere episode for the first time yesterday. What did you think?
Meeting all the girls looked chaotic, but what happened was 50 million times more chaotic. It was 12-and-a-half straight hours of being pulled in different directions. Getting five minutes with one girl, then five with another, then being pulled back to the first girl. It’s 25 different conversations that you’re trying to absorb.

I liked your tweet defending your love of The Notebook.
It’s a great movie! Someone was just tweeting, “I got the Bachelor press package with all of Brad’s favourite things and I’m pretty sure Romeo + Juliet isn’t his favourite movie” and I’m like, “Yeah, it is, bud.” I’m a big movie guy, and aesthetically it’s the best shot movie I’ve ever seen.

I guess it’s just not what you’d expect a football player to pick as his favourite.
I am a guy’s guy but people think, “Okay, because he’s the Bachelor they’re making him say romantic stuff.” No. My favourite songs are sappy. I love “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. And then there’s Patrick Watson’s “To Build a Home Together.” I don’t think it’s bad for a guy to have an emotional side. Emotions don’t mean that you’re soft. It just means you’re able to access stuff and you’re not worried about the repercussions of people seeing that.

Did you ever get used to being filmed all the time?
Yeah. You had to understand that if you can’t get used to those people watching, than how are you going to be OK with the rest of Canada watching?

But are you going to be OK with the rest of Canada watching? Are you ready to not be able to walk down the street without being recognized?
They already recognize me now. There is a hardcore demographic that are so into all things Bachelor.

I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but I love the trailer. Mostly because you cry a lot.
Not a lot! Twice, I think. I had friends text me after seeing it and be like, “I’ve never seen you cry in real life.” Because I’ve always been introverted about emotions, but I was in a situation where I wanted people to know I was on The Bachelor for the right reasons. I was like, “Ok, I’m going to open up and go to places that are raw and not solved for me.”

What were you were most worried about before you started filming?
That the girls wouldn’t like me. I had what I call “showmares.” The first one, I pictured a girl stepping out of the limo, looking at me and being like, “Driver, back to the airport please.”

Let’s talk about your Bachelor wardrobe.
I’m excited for the fashion aspect because you’re going to get a Bachelor that’s progressive. It’s not polos and khakis. I’m 28-years-old and I dress a certain way and they really let me transfer that into the show. I get to wear a lot of pink, a lot of deep V-necks. It’s really fashion-forward. The first time I met the stylist she said, “Take out something you’d wear” and I pulled out an American Apparel deep V-neck and skinny jeans, and from then on I was allowed to decide what I wore on every show.

What about your dates’ outfits? What kind of clothes do you like on a woman?
I love when a girl wears something cut here [motions to above the knee] with a low back but it covers her cleavage [motions to just below his neck]. I’m the opposite of most guys. I’m a fan of cocktail parties just because of all the cocktail dresses!

The Bachelor Canadapremieres Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Citytv. (Following the premiere, the series moves to its regular time slot Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, beginning Oct. 10.) Plus, tune into flare.com/bachelor for our weekly recaps!

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