Inside Scoop: The Hunger Games Beauty Report

Beauty notes with the woman behind the film's colourful hair

The Hunger Games

With The Hunger Games storming Canada in a few short days, we’re getting excited for the film’s elaborate costumes, makeup and hair. In anticipation, we spoke with Cherry Petenbrink, Joico Hair Colourist and Hair Stylist who created the movie’s colourful wigs, to get the scoop on the film’s over-the-top style.

When offered the opportunity to work on the blockbuster, Petenbrink immediately ordered the books and read them in under a week. Practically required reading, as the film closely follows the best-selling novel: a post-apocalyptic story about a lottery that forces teenagers to fight to the death in a televised tournament.

The wigs for the onscreen stylists were one area that was not described in the book in great detail, giving the colourists the creative freedom to develop the edgy looks. The characters, including Lenny Kravitz, who plays the stylist to Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), are responsible for dressing the teenagers (called “Tributes”) in outfits that will inspire a connection with the wealthy viewers. Another ambitious task: “Adding high and low lights to Stanley [Tucci]’s very expensive custom wig,” she says. As the charismatic TV show host that interviews all of the tributes, he had to look his best. There was a lot of swatch testing, especially when Petenbrink used combination wigs (made with both human and synthetic hair).

Though Petenbrink didn’t get to meet Miley Cyrus’s hunky boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, who plays Katniss’s best friend, she says that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson – two of the tributes in the Hunger Games – were “a pleasure” to work with. She admires them as “amazingly focused young people [who were] dedicated to their craft, cooperative and completely open to their makeovers.” With such talented actors and elaborate costuming, she is sure that “seeing all of the Capitol will be breathtaking.”