Independent Spirit Awards Foretell Oscar Fashion Mishaps

Celebs covered up at the Independent Spirit Awards. Will they do the same for Oscar?

Keystone Press

The Independent Spirit Awards are a wrap, and after witnessing what went down, sartorially speaking, I am, quite frankly, scared. What’s gotten me all worked up? Nicole Kidman wore a hefty black scarf around her neck, masking her impeccable red body-con dress. Natalie Portman sported a sort of fisherman’s jacket over her perfectly prim yellow and nude frock. James Franco wore a long cardigan sweater over his suit! Even Jennifer Lawrence, who has been baring her fair share of skin lately, covered up her Dolce & Gabbana dress with a black jacket. Uma Thurman, Zoe Saldana, Kate Walsh each did it. Coats and coverups. In all fairness, the ladies braved the chilly temperatures long enough to skip down the red carpet. But the Oscar red carpet is seriously long. It can take the better part of an hour to make it from limo to theater doors. Will celebs, dare I say it, cut their red carpet walks short? Something must be done. One word. Vaseline. If it worked for Gertrude Ederel, who survived her cold swim across the English Channel thanks to the slippery stuff, it can work for Anne Hathaway too. Problem solved.