In full bloom

In full bloom
Rose Byrne is poised for a major year on the silver screen

“We’re in the 17th Century, but we’re acting like we’re in the O.C,” explains 27 year-old Rose Byrne in reference to her role as Duchesse de Polignac in Marie Antoinette. Byrne is on the phone from her apartment in Halifax where she is currently filming Pushing Up Daisies – a dark comedy about the funeral business in which she plays an embalmer. In examining Byrne’s career, one can’t help but notice that it has been marked by some very big breaks.  Marie Antoinette aside, the Australian stunner played Briseis opposite Brad Pitt in Troy. And, considering she has four films coming out this year alone, it seems like she is just getting started.

Byrne rang in the new-year starring alongside Toni Collette, Marcia Gay Harden and Brittany Murphy in the dramatic thriller The Dead Girl. Up next is Sunshine (a sci-fi thriller directed by Danny Boyle), 28 Weeks Later (the sequel to 28 Days Later starring Cillian Murphy) and the project she is currently filming, Pushing Up Daisies.  Despite all of this success, Byrne is about as down to earth as they come.  “My career has been full of high highs and low lows.  I’m going with the flow but I’m probably too relaxed about the whole thing,” she laughs.  “I should be more ambitious because it’s very competitive, there’s always someone younger and more interesting.”  Judging from her track record, she can probably afford to take a bit of a breather. 

While Byrne doesn’t have a master plan in mind for her career, she definitely does have some ideas.  She would love to work with Jack Nicholson and Susan Sarandon one day.  David Lynch and Alexander Payne are on her directorial wish list and her dream role would be similar to the female leads in Thelma and Louise.  Considering she has Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola checked off by her late twenties, she is well on her way.

– Alexandra Breen