Imogen Heap Goes DIY and Delivers

Imogen Heap

For the most part, I find live music shows can go one of two ways: they can either sound exactly like the album only your eyes are distracted by dancing and costumes, or they can sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before – a full-bodied musical experience. Last night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto, I discovered that an Imogen Heap show is the latter.

Towering about the stage in sequined leggings – which she assured the crowd were far too tight – the British songstress chatted away between songs in her heavily accented “bibbity-bobbity” way, tempting the crowd who knew full well that another stunning performance was on its way. Because each and every song delivered, from new tracks like “Little Bird” to a heart-wrenching finale including “Hide And Seek” and “The Moment I Said It”.

The stage was set as a whimsical forest, complete with a glowing tree and see through piano which housed tubes and toys, all of which lent themselves to the music. As the plastic tubes and other unexpected props were spun about, the sounds were captured and looped. It was all very DIY and, after attending far too many of the former “might as well be at home listening to the album” shows lately, I was happily reminded of what live music can be.