If I Stay Cutie Jamie Blackley on His Love of Lady Jeans

FLARE sat down with British heartthrob Jamie Blackley to talk If I Stay, dream jobs and why girls’ skinnies are his go-to

Jamie Blackley and Chloë Grace Moretz in If I Stay

Jamie Blackley and Chloë Grace Moretz in If I Stay

Now that all The Fault In Our Stars tears have finally dried, we need another teen romance to swoon over. If I Stay—in theatres today—is a worthy replacement. It stars our September cover girl Chloë Grace Moretz as a cello prodigy trapped in coma limbo post-car-crash, who must choose to wake up or move on. She’d be crazy to even consider packing it in when she has such a dreamy leading man pining for her: charming Brit Jamie Blackley, 22, assumes the role of charismatic baby rock star Adam Wilde. While the idea of such mass adoration is, Blackley says, “totally overwhelming,” he’s just gonna have to learn to deal. — Kaitlyn McInnis

How does it make you feel when the media calls you the “teen-idol-to-be”, or “the one to watch”?
I think they’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake. They must have made a terrible, terrible mistake! It’s overwhelming.

You actually perform Adam’s music in the film yourself. Have you always been musical?
My favourite scene to film was the last concert scene that we did in front of all those people. We all got really close, so it was fun, like a moment all together as a band. My favourite scene to watch was probably the first concert scene—it was just dirty and sweaty and awesome. I’ve played the guitar since I was about 12, and I’ve always liked singing songs, so I’ve always been musical. It was a really handy tool for me to have when it came to auditioning for this.

How was working with Chloë Grace Moretz?
We just played music, and we’d all go to concerts and stuff. She was just really great fun and super-normal so it made being on set easy.

The characters you play are all so vastly different, how do you get into each character’s head?
I don’t know if I do anything to get into character: I just go with my gut. When I watch myself, I always have to watch through my fingers. I always get embarrassed, ’cause I can’t watch it as a movie, I just think, ‘Oh god, that’s me, that’s me…’ I think everyone in general is like that, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I can watch it as an experience. It’s always going to be the most harrowing thing for me.

What was the most difficult part of filming If I Stay?
We had to make [the love scene] palpable and real, even though we didn’t know each other that well, so it was going from basically a stranger to making out in a boat, and that’s always awkward.

Jamie Blackley

Jamie Blackley in Toronto during his If I Stay press tour

What is your dream character to play and your dream career aside from acting?
I’d love to play like any type of football player. Maybe George Best or someone like that. If I wasn’t acting, I’d try and be a footballer. I wouldn’t be a musician because I can’t write my own music. Realistically I’d probably do something with dogs, like a vet or something. I love animals.

If you could give one piece of fashion advice to FLARE readers, what would it be?
Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If you fancy wearing something other people are gonna think is wacky, just do it anyway. I wear girls’ jeans because I’ve got girl legs. These ones I’m wearing aren’t actually girls’ jeans so I don’t really feel comfortable in them because they’re not tight enough. I wear girls’ jeans, a lot of black, and I wear a lot of jewelry. I’m a wacky person!