Pro Tips on How to Pose Like a Celeb

Celebrity photographer George Pimentel reveals the secrets to a perfect pic

Photo by George Pimentel

From Jennifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie, celebrity photographer George Pimentel has snapped the biggest stars in Hollywood, so we enlisted his advice on how to pose like a pro. Here, FLARE’s go-to lensman shares the secrets behind achieving a red carpet-worthy snapshot.


#1 Toe-forward
This is a simple, but effective trick for bringing a curve into your body: rather than standing straight up, step one toe forward and place your hand on the forward hip.

#2 Cross-legged
Stand with your legs crossed just above the ankles and place both hands on your hips. (Watch your balance in teetering skyscraper heels!)

#3 Over-the-shoulder
“My favourite pose is always over-the-shoulder,” Pimentel admits. Turn your back to the camera – not completely, more like a 45-degree angle – and look back at the lens with a bright smile. Pop your shoulder up a bit to add irresistible charm.

#4 Legs apart
Separate your legs a touch more than hip distance apart and shift your weight into one leg. This will give you that coveted “S” curve you learned about in art class.


Do: Smile
Don’t love your goofy grin? Smile with your eyes!

Do: Mind your posture
Slouched shoulders will appear exaggerated on-camera, so keep your spine straight at all times. “The trick is to be confident,” Pimentel says, and that will come through in your posture.

Do: The hip trick
Shift your weight back and fourth from hip to hip to give the photographer a variety of angles.

Don’t: Show your profile
Always turn your body to the camera to avoid an awkward profile pic. “Even the most fit and gorgeous actresses don’t look great in profile,” Pimentel warns.

Do: Keep your chin up
A raised chin will help to elongate your figure and enhance your posture.

Don’t: Trip on your dress
“Always make sure that you’re completely comfortable in what you’re wearing,” the photog advises.

Do: Practice in the mirror
“Don’t be afraid to practice in the mirror,” Pimentel says, “that’s what everybody does!”

Watch George apply his tricks to posing at the prom