How to Overhaul Your Life, According to Shonda Rhimes

Taking advice from Shonda Rhimes' new book, Year of Yes, is a no-brainer

Shonda rHimes

All hail Shonda!

Shonda Rhimes continues to dominate television, running Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal; executive-producing How to Get Away with Murder (this year, Viola Davis won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series—the first time a black woman has taken the prize); and producing yet another program, The Catch, that debuts mid-season.

She isn’t just crushing it in TV: Rhimes turned author, too, writing Year of Yes, a memoir and how-to-slay manual in which the ShondaLand visionary gets all the way real on becoming the most crushing-it version of yourself. Cop her best tips for a killer 2016.

shonda rhimes

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (Simon & Schuster, $33)


Cut the crap: What Rhimes calls “athlete talk” (read: the overly polite, phony post-game chat of all your fave sportsfolk) is a no go. This year, vow to stand your ground with trash-talking frenemies, tighten up your clique and say buh-bye to faking it with annoying acquaintances; it will free up time and energy for worthier pals and pursuits.

Drop the fantasy: Jump-start your career by calling time on your Goop-inspired daydreams and hopping on new real-life opportunities—even if they fall short of the ideal. Or, as Rhimes says, “do until you can do something else.” Because while you’re at home gaping at your vision board, hustlers are out working the ins they already have.

Buddy up: Rhimes blows the whistle on Hollywood’s you-can-totes-do-it-all platitudes. (Work-life balance? Try 24-7 nannies!) “If I am succeeding at one [thing], I am inevitably failing at the other,” she says while giving props to her full-time au pair. Basically, anyone who claims she’s single-handedly got life on lock is full of it. If you’re stretched way thin, know there’s no shame in asking for a little help.