How to Be Single Is the Com-Rom We've All Needed

Just in time for V-Day, this is the pro-female, pro-single movie every girl needs to see

Sarah Trumbley
how to be single review
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How to Be Single (opening in theatres today and starring our March cover star Rebel Wilson) embraces the one thing that chick flicks and rom-coms have subtly trained us to fear: actually being single. It’s a risky move for a big-studio release, if you ask us—it goes against basically every female-movie trope proven to be successful, ever. But it totally works. Here’s why the pro-single comedy is exactly what we’ve been waiting for:

1. It’s actually relatable
No matter what type of single gal you are you’ll resonate with at least one of the film’s characters. Whether you’re the party girl, the totally life-confused person, the online dating obsessive or the responsible career-motivated mom-type (or all of the above), this movie will make you feel understood. But the women in this film are not just some collection of easy-to-categorize archetypes: they are messy and flawed, just like the rest of us.

how to be single review
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

2. It’s realistic AF
The female-friendly flick brilliantly portrays the truths behind millennial dating. When are we supposed to send emojis to guys, or do we even send them at all? How long are we supposed to wait to respond to a guy we hooked up with the night before? How to Be Single covers it all, including the raging letdowns online dating brings us. It also says that you’re not a slut if you go home with a guy after a night of raging alcoholism—it’s just what single people do in 2016.

3. It pays tribute to all the time, money and energy we spend on impressing men
Unlike the movies that portray women as effortlessly chic beauties (because we all know that’s not how it is), the film acknowledges all the little things women do to impress dudes. See: Alison Brie’s psychotic breakdown scene, where she rips out her hair extensions and attempts to cut her stockings with construction paper scissors during a children’s book reading in an attempt to free herself from the shackles of constant upkeep. It also (in several scenes) fantastically calls out the fact that, um, yes we do have hair on more than just our heads.

how to be single review
(Photo: Warner Bros)

4. It’s way more com than rom
How to Be Single may get labeled a rom-com, but we say it’s more of a com-rom. While there are dramatic and romance-ish parts, thankfully none of them made us want to barf into our popcorn bag like most cheesy chick flicks out there. Rebel Wilson gets all the choice bits, of course, including an amazing set of (totally improvised) zings about Dakota Johnson’s LTRP (“long-term relationship pussy”) and multiple stunts falling onto or out of taxis.

5. It finally gave us an unpredictable ending
Spoiler alert, y’all. The beauty of this film is that, just like dating in real life, we never knew what was going to happen next. There was no telling which characters were going to hook up or who the hell was going to end up with who, and the ending is the type of girl-power finale that we need more of in cinema because…

how to be single review
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

6. It reassures us that we don’t need a man to be happy, successful, or even handy
Our heroine finally realizes we are capable of doing things without men, like unzipping our own dresses and going on crazy-intimidating hikes. (We def hope they start selling those zipper contraptions she made herself on Etsy or at least release a manual that tells us how to DIY it.)

how to be single review
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

7. We left the movie feeling totally satisfied and happy with where we’re at in our lives
Instead of making us question absolutely everything.

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