Hot & Cool Culture

A list of this summer’s chicest and sleekest culture

Hot & Cool
A list of this summer’s chicest and sleekest culture

Hot Ticket: Madonna onstage
The big M will be strutting her leotardic self at the Montreal Bell Centre on June 21 (fans are awaiting more dates). Getting tix to the show will be hard, but you’ll be “Sorry” if you miss her – enter our exclusive contest!
Cool Reel: Must-see screen
The devil may wear Prada, but her minion wears Marc Jacobs. In The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway plays an underling at a notorious fashion mag who endures demoralizations from Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), a tyrant not-so-loosely based on Vogue editrix Anna Wintour. As if the bestseller by former employee Lauren Weisberger didn’t bother Wintour enough, rumour has it that Wintour tried to halt filming at some of New York’s fashion “in” spots.
Hot Type: Full-on female fiction
Girls’ Night Out is the ultimate attention-deficit beach read, assembling short fiction by the best in chick lit today. Shopaholic’s Sophie Kinsella, Wendy Holden and Sex and the City’s Candace Bushnell (among others) cover the naughty and nice sides of many a girl’s world.
Cool Gadget: The “it” phone
Stay connected at the cottage with the compact Motorola SLVR. It’s got a speakerphone for conference calls, an MP3 player and a messaging feature that captures audio and video so you can test out your hunting outfits and get quick feedback from your girlz.
Hot Lens: Scandalous photographs
David LaChapelle lets loose with a book of piping-hot shots titled Artists & Prostitutes. Containing the biggest collection of his work yet, LaChapelle’s signature snaps, including Lil’ Kim styled like an LV handbag, capture the grittier side of glamour.
Hot Crush: Super-hottie Brandon Routh
This summer’s most eligible leading man stars in the flick Superman Returns. His Abercrombie & Fitch good looks and acting talent are sure to reignite your childhood fantasies of becoming Lois Lane.
Hot Package: Sacked stereo
Boom box meets beach bag with this colourful Lifepod Gidget. Built-in speakers allow you to plug ’n’ play tunes from your iPod, Sony PSP, satellite radio, MP3 or CD player. Crank or crunk it up any time, anywhere!
Cool Cocktail: A-List Sip
Amy Sacco, owner of posh NYC hot spot Bungalow 8 (Lindsay Lohan’s fave bar) and author of the soon-to-be-published Cocktails, has declared the Blue Blood libation the sip of the summer. To enjoy, just mix one ounce of vodka with one ounce of fresh blackberry purée and a dash of 7Up in a tall glass over ice.
Cool Exhibit: AGO’s celeb site
Paris Hilton’s 15 minutes seem to go on forever, but Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario is set to celebrate the work of he who first said “Celebrity is fleeting.” Andy Warhol/Supernova: Stars, Deaths and Disasters 1962–1964 examines Warhol’s early ’60s body of work. Famed Canuck director David Cronenberg (who praises Warhol for creating “his own Hollywood system”) lends a modern voice as guest curator. July 8–Oct. 22.
Hot DVD: French kisses and disses
The perfect excuse for a lazy summer afternoon, Jean-Marc Vallée’s C.R.A.Z.Y. is a well-appointed (11 Genie Awards) coming-of-age family drama with a sizzling sound track featuring Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Patsy Cline.
Cool Memoir: Confessions on the kitchen floor
In Burnt Toast, Teri Hatcher makes the titular toast a metaphor for her own personal journey from insecurity to self-acceptance: from former “biggest has-been” to the star of prime-time soap Desperate Housewives. The confessional tone is intimate and conversational, like an afternoon kaffeeklatsch with klutzy Susan Mayer. Very fun.
Cool Tours: Feist and Band of Horses
Canada’s favourite indie sensation, Feist, makes the folk-fest rounds in June, July and August, hitting Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina. For those who prefer rockier tracks, Seattle’s pop/rock quintet Band of Horses hits Canada in June with their highly addictive heavyhearted rock anthems.
Cool Crooners: Keane
The East Sussex, England, pop group is back on top with their latest album, Under the Iron Sea, filled with Coldplay-esque ballads. The trio’s tunes go down as easily as champagne.

Hot Band: The Stills

Montreal’s The Stills get some sweet backup from indie royals Emily Haines, Sam Roberts and Broken Social Scene on their highly anticipated second album, Without Feathers.